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The banking industry is complex and rapidly changing. Banks are faced with an evolving regulatory environment, burdensome compliance requirements, and increasing competition from new fintech companies. To keep pace in a dynamic industry, banks need to streamline operations and cut costs.

Performio's enterprise-grade incentive compensation management software empowers banking leaders to save time and money by simplifying their sales commission process while meeting their compliance needs.

Sales Commissions for Banks at a glance

  • Common Data Sources: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, data warehouses, legacy IT systems, and spreadsheets.
  • Common Sales Incentive Plan Measures: Loan type, origination fees, premiums, fixed fees, residuals, loan term, spreads, referrers, and agency splits.
  • Common Sales Comp Challenges: Regulatory changes, compliance requirements, complex commission plans, complex crediting rules, data accuracy, clawbacks, and reporting.

Streamline Your Commissions Process

Performio gives you the power to streamline your sales commission process by eliminating unproductive activities. How much time do you waste searching for data in siloed systems, triple-checking formulas in spreadsheets, and correcting past mistakes?

Performio automatically imports data from any system and manages all of the complex calculations involved in producing accurate commissions for multiple roles and product types. Best of all, Incentive Managers can easily update and maintain their commissions programs through Performio’s intuitive and elegant user interface.

Clearly Communicate Commissions

Your sales personnel are the revenue engine of your institution. It is vital that you earn their trust. Performio will inspire confidence in your staff by providing your firm with modern technology to manage the end-to-end commission process. With Performio you can:

  • Quickly set up commission approval workflows to expedite approvals and meet compliance requirements
  • Provide employees and partners with easy-to-understand commission statements
  • Give employees and partners visibility into clawbacks so there are no surprises
  • Eliminate the need for sales people to do their own shadow accounting
  • Increase productivity by keeping your sales force focused on selling

Like all aspects of Performio, these tasks and workflows are easy to manage and will allow you to build solid, business-boosting relationships with your employees.

Get Actionable Insights From Sales Comp Data

Performio unifies commission data from across your organization into one system and provides insightful reports and dashboards. This allows incentive managers and bank executives the opportunity to identify sales trends and take proactive measures in response to changes in the business or regulatory environment. And of course you can easily generate audit logs and activity reports to meet your compliance requirements.

Performio: A Name You Can Trust

For more than 15 years, Performio has been a trusted partner to banks and financial institutions, helping them solve their most pressing commission challenges. Here are some of the world-class organizations we work with:

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