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Business Services

Sidestep the expenses of miscalculated commissions with Performio for business services. Our ICM software ensures you accurately reward every member of your team, inspiring members to push past their sales goals.

Performio offers a better way to manage commissions and performance-based incentives for business salespeople. 

Our intelligent commission tracking software helps your business services organization maximize revenue and boost employee motivation, all while reducing the hidden costs associated with commission management. Available in multiple package sizes and designed for ease-of-use, Performio meets your security needs while simultaneously allowing your sales team greater access to real-time performance data.

Sales Commission Software for Businesses

Commissions are rarely straightforward, involving complex formulas based on multiple pieces of customer information. While these formulas ensure that commissions more closely match the value of the sale, their complexity makes it difficult to manage and track commissions efficiently. A simple spreadsheet may not cut it, and might, in fact, propagate errors if not handled appropriately. This is even more of an issue for larger businesses. The result of any one mistake can cost your business dearly in revenue, time and employee relationships, so it’s essential to get it right every time.

Avoid these pitfalls with Performio International’ commission tracking software.

Why Us?

Performio is like having an entire commissions department at your fingertips. Providing the best sales commission management for businesses, Performio helps mitigate the most common problems associated with both commission management and new software by providing key functionalities, including:

  • User-Friendly Setups: Anyone can use Performio’s SPM, regardless of their experience level. Our platform employs user-friendly features like point-and-click setups, mobile options, and visually appealing dashboards. This setup allows your sales force to get started using the system immediately, helping your business maximize utility and ROI.
  • Accurate Systems: You need accurate numbers to keep your revenue climbing and maintain your regulation compliance, and Performio can help. Our commission software for businesses automates incentive calculations with a high level of accuracy based on your own commission configurations. The system even includes an extensive library of standard commission calculations to help set up your configuration. On top of it all, the system maintains detailed reports and records, allowing your business to be prepared for compliance checks and audits.
  • Performance Tracking: As a sales-based business, maximizing performance is your primary goal. Performio helps you motivate your sales team and visualize your performance using sales and commission data displays. While your sales team can use this data to motivate themselves to their highest potential, your executives can use it to glean valuable insights into your performance and drive your business to new heights.

The result of all this? A more motivated sales team, improved accuracy, greater time savings, maximizing revenue and an incredible return on investment. Since our sales commission software was launched in 2006, Performio has calculated over $300 million in commission payments, saving more than 500,000 administration hours for service businesses. You can be confident it’s tried and tested.

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