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Connect to your source data

Easily connect to your sales data systems to extract all the data you need. Easily push data back to Salesforce and payroll.

Featured in Gartner Magic Quadrant for

Sales Performance Management

February 2020

Rated 4.6 in Sales Commission Software


The multi-object sync imports any data from your organization to measure sales performance and calculate commission payments.

Connect Salesforce to Sales Performance Management

Performio is best for companies that want an enterprise-grade incentive compensation management solution that is easy to use and gets them up and running in weeks.

Our multi-object Salesforce integration helps convert opportunities into commission payments, seamlessly syncing all of your organization’s data.

Automate Sales Commissions In Salesforce

Performio is an ideal choice for Salesforce customers who manage sales compensation with any of the following requirements:

  • Multiple Salesforce Objects
  • Multiple Data Sources
  • Multiple Sales Compensation Plans
  • Various Performance Metrics
  • Complex Rules For Sales Crediting
  • Leaderboards
  • Ad hoc SPIF's
  • Managing Quotas
  • EOM & EOY Reporting

Performio’s Salesforce integration ensures contact and opportunity data integrity is retained within your sales team organization, without compromising your security standards. Drive further ROI from your Salesforce investment because Performio will drive up user adoption. After all, serious salespeople love keeping tabs on their commissions!


Sync Salesforce Opportunity Data

Performio syncs all opportunity data, including custom fields, product objects, and other related fields. You can automate the process for calculating commissions payable and pending commissions (e.g. reference the opportunity stage) in Performio without having to handle data files. Importantly, Performio provides all the additional tools you need to handle those crediting rules, tricky business rules, complicated plan calculations, and more.


Sync Salesforce Custom Objects

Performio's Salesforce importer allows administrators to import records from custom objects in Salesforce. No workarounds or third-party integrations required. Your sales compensation team will have all the data they need to calculate commissions accurately. Have complete control of how data is synced from Salesforce using schedules, rules and filters.


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Performio provides Single Sign-On (SSO) access for Salesforce Sales Cloud users, available via the AppExchange. This allows users to access Performio within Salesforce. SSO helps reduce the number of passwords they’ll need to remember. It also ensures your security standards are maintained at the highest level set by your Salesforce Administrator.


User Integration

Synchronize your Salesforce Sales Cloud users to Performio and stop worrying about doubling up users and managing another user database. Even if your sales comp plans require additional attributes and date stamps, sync your Salesforce User Profile data into Performio to keep both systems perfectly aligned.


Lightning Fast Setup

Whether you’re a Salesforce beginner or a Trail Blazer, this setup is as simple as it gets. For the opportunity integration, you simply modify the standard Salesforce customer importer to capture your opportunity field names. You can bring in custom fields by adding new fields to Performio’s Opportunity Table and updating the importer with the Salesforce field names. Pretty simple right? If you get stuck, contact our support team and we’ll help walk you through the process.


Extend the power of NetSuite with Performio. Use any aspect of your NetSuite data to calculate sales commissions with a few clicks.

Build new compensation plans and add new participants on the fly, without calling in professional services. Manage your sales team’s performance in one robust platform: detailed reports, dispute resolution capabilities, approval workflows, plan acceptance, and sales team leaderboards. Leverage real-time data to calculate sales commissions accurately and gain the information you need to make fact-based decisions.

Calculate. Compensate. Communicate.

Easily and quickly calculate sales commissions, keep your sales team motivated, and gain insights from data to make data-driven decisions.

Key Benefits


Reduce the pain of calculating sales commissions


Increase transparency for sales reps


Discover insights into sales performance & sales compensation expenses


The data API streamlines your commission processes making it easy for upstream systems to feed data into Performio, or push data back out to your source systems.

Commission Software with an API

Performio is best for companies that want an enterprise-grade incentive compensation management solution that is easy to use and gets them up and running in weeks.

Connect your CRM, ERP, and HRIS with Performio and start automating sales compensation processes.

Application Programming Interface For Sales Commission Data

Performio aims to provide programmatic access to the application data using simple and secure REST API, helping customers integrate Performio with other systems. All API calls are secured via industry-standard OAuth tokens and HTTPS communication. 


Data Import API

Performio's data import API accepts data as a file or JSON text and imports it into the system, making it easy for upstream systems to feed data into Performio. This will trigger our software scheduler to run your multi-step commission processes.


Example Use Case for Data Import API

You need to integrate your ERP system with Performio and you want to automate the sending of invoice records to Performio from the ERP. You can configure your new source table in Performio, as well as the importer to precisely match the fields in your invoice data. Then you can enable your IT team to use the API to trigger the importer to be fed with the JSON text for each invoice record based on an event (e.g., new invoice added).


Calculation API

Calculation API allows an upstream system to trigger a recalculation of commissions after new data has been imported.


Example Use Case for Calculation API

You use the API to trigger the importer and then “run all calculations” so that the entire system is updated every time an invoice is added. Or, you might elect to trigger a specific calculation – eg. “Run Leader Board Calculation”.

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Incentive Compensation

Eliminate the pain of calculating sales comp and easily communicate sales comp to reps and management.

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Sales Performance Management

Improve team performance through transparent reporting for all members of the team.

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Data Management

Performio has the most powerful data transformation capabilities in the industry. We’ll import your sales, accounting, and people data as-is.

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Performio is designed to allow you to add new columns to existing reports, create entirely new reports, or even add new plan rules.

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