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Canidium & Performio Partnership

Canidium and Performio have formalized an agreement for Canidium to be the preferred implementation partner for North American customers.

The agreement was executed by David Marshall, Performio CEO, and Mike Stus, Canidium CEO.

According to David, the Canidium partnership is exciting because

Canidium has built a reputation for Incentive Compensation Management success with hundreds of implementations over more than a decade. The partnership provides us with immediate coverage across the North American market. We considered a number of integration partners but felt that Canidium had the best fit in terms of their focus on creating a great experience for the customer during the implementation phase. We also really like the attitude and company set up in the way they are committed to driving on going customer success for their clients.

According to Mike Stuss,

Performio is an up and coming vendor in the North American Sales Performance Management market. They have great new technology and provide an enterprise level solution for the SME market. They also have demonstrated in APAC that they can deliver robust, scalable Incentive Compensation Management solutions in the 1,000+ payee segment.

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