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Version 4.19

What's new in Version 4.19

The Performio team and our clients look forward to the new look V5 version of our sales commission calculation software is due for release June 2014. Until then, here's what's been updated in version 4.19.

  1. Improved speed of incentive plan calculations - 1,000 participants with a complex scheme (5+ components) can be calculated in less than 15 minutes
  2. New features in the SIP Builder Module including:
    • improved configurability of year to date versus 'true-up' calculations
    • expanded 'pro rata' functionality for handling mid-period changes to incentive amounts
  3. Bulk deactivate feature - we can now provide a full end to end automation of HRIS data to automate adds, moves, and changes to employee/participant data
  4. Expanded configurability of user password security standards

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