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Version 4.7

What's new in Version 4.7

High powered sales performance management system analytics is now available in Performio. With the 4.7 release of Performio, customers can now access a fully integrated business intelligence capability.

This means that customers can view sophisticated visualizations of sales performance across their business. Some example applications

  • Profitability analysis of different sales territories and geographical regions
  • Heat mapping of incentive compensation costs versus budget
  • Target setting analysis across products/territories/regions

The business intelligence module uses Tableau’s market-leading BI capability. “This leapfrogs us ahead of our competition in the area of sales analytics. The tableau integration provides our customers with an almost unlimited BI capability in addition to the standard incentives and commissions analysis tools already available in Performio”.

To learn more about Business Intelligence and sales analytics in Performio, please contact us.

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