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Version 5.2

What's new in Version 5.2

Enhanced Sales Incentive Plan Features

The commission system SIP builder has new features incorporated into it, along with a new look. Below are the new features in SIP builder version 2:

  1. Define more than one sum component
  2. Ability to specify output PVAL of each sum component
  3. Ability to calculate weighted sum
  4. Enable bonus threshold at SIP builder level (within payable component)
  5. Collapsible SIP components

To implement the first two points mentioned above, we have added new fields in the 'Add SIP Sum Component' page (Configure/Main/SIP Builder). You can now have multiple sum components in your SIP. You can give different names to the sum components and pick an output PVAL (which you define in Config/Main/PVAL Schema) to store the sum of fields you select as input PVALs in the 'Add SIP Sum Component' page.

sales incentive plan

You would see another option on the same 'Add SIP Sum Component' page, which is a checkbox for 'Calculate Weighted Sum'.  If this checkbox is ticked, the input PVALs get multiplied by a component weight and then get added and stored in output PVAL. So, as mentioned in the 3rd point, you now have the weighted sum of input PVALs.

The fourth point is about enabling the bonus threshold at SIP builder level instead of doing this at SIP (Calculate/SIPs) level. To implement this we have added a new control (checkbox) on the 'Add SIP Payable Component' page. You can turn ON and OFF the bonus section in SIP page by ticking and not ticking this checkbox.

sales incentive plan

All the bonus related fields on the 'Edit SIP' page (Calculate/SIPs) will now get displayed only when the "Enable Bonus" checkbox is ticked in the SIP template. Enable bonus checkbox that was already in the SIP page will now be disabled. It can be altered only from SIP template page.

sales incentive plan

Next is the Collapsible SIP components. If you had a lengthy list of components in a SIP plan, you can now easily manage these components as they have a new 'Collapsible' feature.

Once the admin clicks 'Update' after defining the components in Calculate/SIPs,  the state of the component- open or closed, gets saved too.

You can click on the '+' sign near the component to expand it and modify it.

Note: Scripted components in a SIP do not have collapsible option

Salesforce Single Sign On(SSO) Integration

Performio can now be integrated with Salesforce. Performio users who are logged into Salesforce can access Performio by just clicking on a menu item in the dropdown under 'Sales' in Salesforce, as shown below.

salesforce sso

We have used SAML protocol to implement this Single Sign-On (SSO) with Salesforce. We now have a new option 'SAML' in the dropdown for Protocol in Configure/Miscellaneous/Single Sign-On.

SIP Conditions & Rule Sets

SIP Conditions & Rule Sets enables admin to add condition based modifications to the SIP. We have introduced two new menu items under Configure/Main called 'SIP Conditions' and 'SIP Rule Sets'. Also, we have a new field in the Edit SIP page called 'Rule Set'.

SIP Conditions

This new menu item under Configure/Main enables admin to create any number of conditions.

SIP Rule Sets

SIP Rule set is a combination of rules and rule definitions. The conditions that are created in SIP Conditions screen are combined using AND/OR operators to form Rules.

A rule can have a combination of maximum 5 conditions. Rule definition is where you define what operation has to happen if a rule is passed or not. Once rule set is defined, it can be called in the SIP. This is how SIP is linked to SIP Conditions and Rule Sets.

Known Issues & Workarounds

Group Email functionality

This issue is fixed in version 5.3

Group Email functionality will currently send emails to all the participants in the system if 'All Groups' is selected in 'To' field. To resolve this, please select the name of the topmost team in your organization instead of 'All Groups'

Importing CSV files

Importing CSV files with date fields sometimes causes issues with date values. Check the following to resolve this:

  1. check whether 'Validate data' is ticked in the import script
  2. if 'Validate data' is ticked, check if the value of the system property 'importDateFormat' matches date format in file
  3. if points 1 and 2 are validated, import would be successful

Note: Ticking 'Validate Date' would compromise the import speed

Inserting links not working

This issue is fixed in version 5.5

Inserting link to document in Communicate/Upload documents in SIP Target Acceptance content module would not work.

The editor used in this module does not support insert link option properly. Once the link is added, click on the html editor pencil icon and fix the html code.

Missing Colors

This issue is fixed in version 5.3

Few colors when selected in Dashboard module config would not appear. If you simply click the update button for that colors in Configure/Miscellaneous/Color Palette and select them again in Dashboard module, it would appear.

IE-9 Issues

We do not support admin module on IE-9

Targets module cannot be loaded on IE9. Also, there are few UI issues in pcadmin section specific to IE-9 browser.

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