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Version 5.5

What's new in Version 5.5

Restart Performance Values Based on SIP Effective Date


Incentive Compensation Management admins can set the SIP effective date from SIP Plan level in the commision tracker, so that QTD, STD, and YTD values will get restarted from new SIP effective date. Admin can enable/disable the “Restart” checkbox from the SIP plan level based on the business requirement. If the Flag "Restart QTD/STD/YTD" is set to YES, then the system restarts the values based on SIP start Date.


Consider the business scenario where there are 2 SIPs for a participant; SIP1 is valid for periods 1 and 2 and SIP2 starts from period 3. The console below shows the SIP details and you can see that the restart checkbox is ticked for SIP2 which means the PVALs are reset from the SIP2 effective date which is 01-03-2015.

restart PVALs

SSO with GoodData

Feature no longer available


This feature allows PerformaceCentre to sign in an existing GoodData user.


When a participant with a registered email id with GoodData logs in to the front end view, the GoodData module will be displayed like the one shown below.

GoodData SOO

Group Email to Include PVAL Filter


Group email module has an option to send e-mails to affected individuals based on selected PVAL and filters. Selection of PVAL and the filter conditions are presented as drop-downs. Job title filter which was already part of the group email functionality will act as the parent filter and the PVAL condition would be a child filter. There is an option to add any number of PVAL filter conditions.


The template below shows an example of how the PVAL filter criteria is incorporated with the send email functionality.

email PVAL filter

Updated Tasks Bar


The task bar is updated to have the completed tasks button at the bottom of the space, so that you can see more pending tasks. Clicking the button would append the completed tasks to the pending task list rather than create a new list. Clicking the button again will remove the completed tasks from the task list again.


The screen below shows the updated task space with the completed tasks tab at the bottom of the page.

task bar

Table Transformations Description


Table transformations is updated to include a descriptions tab where the PC Admin can document what a table transformation does and what to watch out for.


The sample below shows the table transformation page with the descriptions space.

table description

RewardCentre Points

RewardCentre is no longer available


We have established a communication with RewardCentre to pick up points balance of a user which can now be processed/displayed in the PVALs as per the customer requirement.

SFTP Export Admin Reports via Scheduler


Allow admin to SFTP Export admin reports to a targeted audience through the scheduler. The scheduler section has drop downs to select the SFTP Export task and the desired admin reports and also additional fields to configure the export functionality.


The screen below shows an example of how the SFTP export is configured from the scheduler.

SFTP export

Email Admin Reports via Scheduler


Allow admin to send reports to the targeted audience through the scheduler. The scheduler section has dropdowns to select the ‘Reports’ and the desired report to be sent to the targeted audience. There is a text box to specify the recipient email addresses, with multiple addresses separated with a ‘,’.


The screen below shows an example of how the report is configured from the scheduler.

schedule admin report

Calendar Picker For The Date Fields In Custom Table


All the date fields in the custom table includes a calendar picker.


The following snippet shows how the calendar picker is implemented.

calendar picker

Participant EID Drop Down For New Rows In Custom Table


When adding a new row in custom table, participant EID is shown as dropdown as opposed to entering the EID manually which is prone to mistyped EID.


The below image shows the new drop down list for participant EID.

EID drop down

Note: This works only if EID column has foreign key selected as "Member EID".

Reverse Lookup Functionality To Get Values In PSV


Period specific value fields, Misc Fields and Fields can now be selected in reverse look up in addition to result schema fields. Values from custom table fields get copied to PVAL tree.

Lookup Functionality To Get Values In PVAL Schema


Period Specific Values can now be added in look up transformation. Values of those fields get stored in custom table after running look up transformation.

Guarantee Payment


When a person is set to have Guarantee payment for a particular period, then the payment during that period will be the weighted month OTC for that period rather than a performance-based payment.


OTC start date will be considered as the start date of the Guarantee period and the guarantee end date can be set from the participant console as shown below. Here the Guarantee period is from 1-Jan-2015 to 28-Feb-2015.

guarantee payment

NOTE: It is mandatory to have an OTC start date when Guarantee period is set.

Refactored League Ladder


Updated the League Ladders UI with Performio styles and replaced search with data table search.


Here’s how the league ladder UI looks now.

refactored leaderbords

Scheduler Support For SFTP Import


SFTP Import is now configurable from the scheduler. The parameters in system properties for SFTP configuration has been moved to the scheduler section.


The screen below shows an SFTP Import task configured from the scheduler.

schedule SFTP import

File Whitelisting

There is now a system property that you can configure to restrict the type of files that can be uploaded to the application. For an upload to be successful, the file extension has to be specified in the system property 'uploadFileWhitelist'.

Known Issues & Workarounds

Below are the known issues in version 5.5 and their workarounds:

Updating A Templated Report Throws OOPS Error

This has been fixed in version 5.6

For an existing templated report, updating the fields result in OOPs error. As a workaround, please download the already uploaded templated file from the report and re-upload it before clicking 'submit' on the report. For the Templated report shown in the image below, you'll have to download TemplatedReport.xls and upload it under Template File while updating any field in the report.

templated report oops

Updating An Email Template From 'Send Group Email' Changes The Period To The Latest

This has been fixed in version 5.6

When an already existing email template is updated to create a Group mail, the period field gets auto-updated to the latest period in the system. In the below image, the saved template is to send out Ad hoc Participant Report for Jun-’15 to participants with achievement greater than ‘1’.

last period

Populating the template and clicking on ‘update’, modifies the Period field to May-’16 which is the latest period available in the application. As a workaround, please modify the period field to the desired value before sending out the group email.

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