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Version 5.6

What's new in Version 5.6

Starting from today you can spend much less time in the sales commission tracker and more time on a winning sales strategy for your business.

A New Look Administrators Menu

We have renamed some of the menu items and also re-organized the sales commission administrator menu. You will see a more structured menu from version 5.6. Most of the initial configuration sections have been moved to a cog-menu in the top right corner.

new menu

Cog-Menu For The Configure Options

As an administrator, you can access configuration items for the initial app setup from a cog-menu available on the top-right section of the app. These include the initial set-up for periods, SIPs, tables, reports, data transformations and surveys. The screenshot below shows the menu-items available in the cog-menu.

cog menu

Help Bubbles For All Main Features

There are now help bubbles sprinkled throughout the app next to most of the features that are not self-explanatory. Clicking on the help bubble pops up a brief description of the feature so you can learn more on the spot. The image below shows one of the places we have the help bubbles.

help bubbles

Help Videos For Frequently Used Features

You can now find videos to explain the most frequently used functionalities in Performio.

Video tutorials currently available to you are:

  • How to import data to Performio (Gather-Standard Importers),
  • How to create a Sales Incentive Plan
  • The dashboard gives an overview of the app and the menu structure.

Moving forward you’ll have access to more tutorials on other functionalities to help you get the most from Performio.

play video

Export To Excel Now Supports More Than 65,000 Rows

Custom table download now supports up to 1 million records for excel and for CSV download there is no limit. The same functionality is extended to the custom table reports. Reports downloaded as excel can contain up to a million records.

Editable Custom Table Modules For The Participant App

There is now a configurable custom table module for the participant app. The module can be created from the Communicate-Participant Modules and is linked to a table. All the existing features for the custom table in the admin app are made available to the custom table module as well.

In addition, as an incentive compensation administrator, you can enable selected fields for ‘Edit’, ‘Display’ and ‘Filter’ options. For editable fields, you can specify a pick-list which will appear as a drop-down at the participant end. Participants can then access the custom table module for viewing, editing, searching, deleting and downloading purposes based on the configuration set by the admin.

Following screenshots show the front end views of the new CustomTableModule.

custom table

Click on one of the records and then you can edit/delete record.

custom table

Simplified Periods Configuration

The pages ‘Period Statuses’ and ‘Periodicity’ have been combined and renamed as ‘Period Setup’ and is available in the cog-menu. All you have to do is specify the start of the first period and define the relevant period statuses and you are all set to get started. If you are an existing client, this page will contain values that you have already configured. The image below shows the updated Period setup page. The period configuration has never been easier.

simple periods

Key-based SFTP Import and Export

SFTP Import/Export functionalities available in the scheduler now supports key-based authentication in addition to the existing username/password based authentication. This method ensures you have better system security in FTP. The screenshot below shows the SFTP Import/Export tasks with the new fields for key-based authentication.

SFTP keys

Better Response Time For Dashboard Page

The way tasks and messages are loaded have been refactored to improve the response-time for the dashboard. Wherever you are in the app, you can now come back to the dashboard and access one of the hot links making navigation faster for you.

A New Look For The Calculation Log Display

As an Incentive Compensation Administrator, the Calculations Logs are now displayed in-line in the app along with auto-scrolling enabled for you. The details you see displayed at any time during the calculation-run points to the most recent data in the log. Given below is a screenshot of the calculation run-time log.

calculation output

Scheduler Imported Files Imported In The Same Way As Manually Imported Files

The files imported via an automated scheduled job is downloaded and processed in the same way as a manually imported file. The original file is then available to you in Gather-Import Data and can be easily viewed from there for verification. The contents of the file are processed and updated to the destination table. You can delete the file from the Gather-Import Data section, once the import process is confirmed to be completed.

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