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Version 5.6.1

What's new in Version 5.6.1

Negative Payable Value

In 5.6.1 version of Performio's commision tracker, we are offering a new option to display the payable values as negative instead of zero (Payables were displayed as zero if value <0).

This is done using a system property 'allowNegativePayable'. This system property can take values true or false.

View Excel Templated Statements Inline

We have added a new module to participant end so that the participants can view excel Templated reports as inline pdf reports. You will see a new option "Create Inline Report Module" in the participant modules page.

XLS statements inline

Participant View is as below:

XLS statements inline

GoodData Module For Analytics

GoodData has been replaced with Performio Analytics

The Budget,Comms and SIP modules under Evaluate is replaced with Analytics module, which is nothing but GoodData module for administrator.

In order to configure this, we have introduced a system property 'goodDataSnippet'. A snippet will be generated for each customer from GoodData and it will be updated in this system property.

As a pre-requisite, you need to register the email address of administrator in GoodData.

GoodData admin

Product Enhancements

Percentage Values In SIP Component Rates

The component rates in any SIP components are now displayed as percentage values instead of decimal values. Please see below screenshot.

percentage values SIP

Note: If pc:percentage tag is used for fields in period specific values page, the value gets displayed as 100 on the PSV page. Eg 100 gets displayed as 100.00%, but on the pval tree it gets displayed as 1. If this value was being used in any calculation, please remember not to divide it by 100 in the calculation script.

Participant Modules In Cog Menu

Participant Modules menu item has been moved from the Advanced section to Cog menu.

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