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Version 5.7.1

What's new in Version 5.7.1

Excel Template For Custom Importers

Just like Standard Importers, the commission system has an excel template for each custom importer. Click on the icon and it downloads the format for importing data to the custom table. The template has (optional) against field names that can be left “Null” and (compulsory) against field names that are set to “Not Null”.

Also, if the table is modified to add/delete rows, the same would be reflected in the template file, the next time you download it. Below is the new look of the Custom Importers page.

XLS custom importers

Product Enhancements

Period Drop Down For Import

While importing data from Gather-Import Data, the period can be selected from a drop-down instead of typing in the period number. There is a checkbox to enable the import for a period-range, and if it is ticked the period selection happens through a text-box where you can enter the range.

Screenshots for both options are given below.

period drop down
period drop down

Unread Message Notification

Messaging feature has a make-over with added functionality to indicate when a new message is received. The participants, on login, see a red bubble with the number of unread messages. Once the thread is opened, the message is considered as read and the indication is cleared. The same functionality is available for administrators as well. Admin and participant messaging screens are shown below.

unread messages
unread messages

Pre-SQL Filter For ToDate Transformation

We have a pre-SQL filtering capability for the ToDate transformation. Pre-SQL statement will be used as a subquery for the transformation SQL. Below example shows a ToDate transformation on the table 'ToDate Calc', which is run only for products with product_code=DEF. The transformation calculates the QTD, STD and YTD sum of Sales and Sales2 where product_code=DEF. The sum fields are then written back to the same custom table(ToDate Calc).

pre SQL to date

Blank Value Filtering

This is  an enhancement to the advanced filtering option available in the reports. With the filtering enabled, the report generated only lists participants with valid values for the filtered field. The ones with blank values will be discarded

Known Issues & Workarounds

Add/Edit Scheduler page broken when script items have quotes in the title/name

Adding/Editing a scheduler job doesn't happen if there are existing scripts with quotes in the title/name.

In Advanced/Scheduler/Create New Scheduled Job, under Multiple Scripts, selecting a Type doesn't populate the corresponding scripts/items in the adjacent tab. The drop down remains empty and the user cannot create the scheduler job

Workaround: Identify the transformation/script with quotes in the name/title and remove the quotes.

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