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Version 5.7.4

What's new in Version 5.7.4

Formula Component

A new component in the commission tracking system is available in the SIP template called ‘Formula’ that allows the administrator to specify formulas using existing PVALs. The formula will be evaluated along with the sip calculation and the result will be assigned to the output PVAL specified.

The application supports one formula per component. The key features include:

  • Autocomplete on the PVAL labels
  • Support SQL style ‘BODMAS’ formulas
  • Validation on the formulas specified

The screenshot below shows a formula component that implements the sum of guarantee payables with the output PVAL ‘Value1’.

formula component

To use a pval in a formula enclose the pval path in ${}. When you type ${ and any part in the name of the pval the formula component performs an auto-complete and gives you a selection of possible pvals. Pressing <ENTER> will expand the corresponding PVAL path to the placeholder.

Speedo Dial

formula component

We have a new graphic representation available for progress capsules in the Dashboard, called speedometer dial. It shows 3 levels of performance in the dial graphic.

speedo dial

The three colors shown in the above gauge are set by the system properties as for the existing capsules. The speedo dial tip points to the actual result.

The gauge always shows 3 colors that correspond to 3 performance levels. These levels are set by the parameters 'start', 'near', 'target' and 'maximum' values in the dashboard configuration. The 3 hard-coded ranges are:

  1. min value - near value
  2. near value - target value
  3. target value - maximum value

The image below shows the configuration of a single value speedometer.

speedo dial

We also have another visualization called dual value speedometer that can compare two PVALs. The functionality of the dual value speedometer is exactly same as that of other capsules. The colors and ranges are defined by the system properties. The image below shows the visualization of speedo dials on a dashboard.

speedo dial

Product Enhancements

Improved UX In SIP Template Definition

SIP template page has a better look and feel, with buttons to expand/collapse component definitions.

SIP template definition


We have 2 new PVALs added to the Performance Value tree; Guarantee End Date and DaysInGuarantee. guaranteeEndDate shows the latest guarantee end date specified in the OTC tab of the participant console. DaysInGuarantee is the number of days the participant is paid a guaranteed fixed pay rather than performance-based pay.

Help Bubbles For Bonus Component

To enable administrators to have a better understanding of SIP payable calculation, we have incorporated help bubbles for the bonus calculation in the payable component.

Known Issues & Workarounds

Updates To Custom Tables Not Reflecting In Corresponding Tables

We have noticed that if new fields are added to a custom table, they are not getting reflected in the custom table module associated with this table, in the participant module.

As a workaround, you can select some other table and then the same table again in the drop down for 'Table' in the 'Edit Custom Table Module'. This will show all the columns in the table. Unfortunately, you will have to re-select all the filters, visibility etc for all columns.

Note: We will have the fix for this issue released in version 5.8.2 which will be out by the 2nd week of November'16.

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