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Version 5.7.5

What's new in Version 5.7.5

Product Enhancements

Formula Component Includes Prior Period PVALs

The comp management software has a new component in SIP, the formula component can now handle previous period PVALs. You just need to add '-n' in the formula to access PVALs from prior periods, 'n' being a whole number (1,2,3 etc).

For example, ${periods.$period.results.SIP.component.0.target} will pick current period's target from component one and ${periods.$period-1.results.SIP.component.0.target} will pick previous period's target from component one.

Note: If $period-1 gives a negative value or zero, the SIP calculation will fail.

New Look For The Participants Module Page

After changing the look of the Report Builder page in the previous release, we have now given similar look to Participant Modules page. It has got pagination and search options. With drop downs for every filter, searching for the right module is made ever so easy.

participants module

Back Buttons In Graphs, Capsules & Big Numbers

Have you ever wished for a 'Back' button inside Graphs, Capsules and Big Numbers so you could click on it instead of the browser's Back button? Guess what, we have it in version 5.7.5 onwards :)

Administrators can now navigate back to the dashboard module from graph/capsule/big number in a single click.

back button

Better Logging Of Calculation Scripts On Output

Output logs of calculations are more informative now. It includes the start timestamp, finish timestamp, name, and type of calculation for each calculation type.

The UI of the calculation output page is also changed now. See below screenshot.

calculation output

Note: You need to include the following line in the calculation script to see the output of transformation batches if they are called from calculation scripts.

calcrun.generateOutput = True

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