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Version 5.8.1

What's new in Version 5.8.1

Commission Per Sale Component v2

In version 5.8.1 of the compensation plan software, we have updated the functionality and modified the UI of Commission Per Sale Component in SIP.

As you know, this component in SIP works along with one of the new transformation types called "Commission Per Sale Transformation" that was introduced in version 5.7.2. This transformation is to populate the 'Rate Field' selected in the component definition.

commission per sale

Commission Per Sale transformation has the ability to allocate it to all SIPs, so you don't have to create separate transformations for each SIP.

commission per sale

In order to see the Commission Per Sale Component work its magic, you need to create a formula transformation. This will multiply the 'Rate Field' with 'Value Field' for the Product and stores the result in 'Commission Field'. See screenshot of formula transformation definition below:

commission per sale

After Commission Per Sale transformation and Formula transformation are run, you can run the SIP calculation. You will now see two new PVALs getting created inside the component in the Performance Value Tree - totalSales which is the sum of Value Field and totalCommission which is the sum of Commission Field.

commission per sale

The commission rates in the component has a 'from' and 'to' range just like the Target component in SIP. See screenshot below.

commission per sale

The product name that is given in the above screenshot is the value in Product Field chosen in component definition.

Ability To Copy An Existing Custom Table Definition

Ever wondered if you had a copy button in the table setup page so you could create a new table with almost same fields as an existing one in no time? You now have this 'Copy Table' feature in version 5.8.1.

copy table definition

Navigate to table setup page from the Cog menu and click on the table which you need to copy. You will see a Copy Table button towards the bottom of the 'Edit Custom Table' page. Clicking on it will take you to a new 'Edit Custom Table' page where you can add/delete fields and give a new name, description, and category and then click on the Add button.

Fixed Sales Commission Table

We have added a new table in Performio called Sales Commission Table (SCT).

The idea of introducing this table is to hook up this table in the SIP template and calculate commissions based on it. If your sales data are in the right format for SCT, you can import it straight into this table. If not, some transformations will be done on the source

Since this table is the master table and not a custom table, we have introduced a new menu item called 'Commission table' under Calculate section on the left-hand menu. We have also renamed the Tables menu item to All Tables. You will also see a hot link to the Sales Commission table from the Administrator Dashboard.

sales commission table

The existing fields in Sales Commission table cannot be deleted, but you can add/modify new fields to match your sales data format. There is a new item under Cog menu called 'Commission Table Setup' to add new fields.

sales commission table

You can use the 'New Custom Importer' under Cog menu to create an Importer for SCT.

We expect that most of our future customers will be using this table as the single Sales Incentive Plan table in their solution.

Note: There will be cases where additional custom tables(s) are required for the SIP template e.g. NPS result. We intend to migrate the existing customers to the SCT table gradually.

We are also planning to introduce a system property/config option to turn this feature on/off in the future release.

Fixed Table For Salesforce Opportunity Data

We had recently introduced a Salesforce connector module as part of having Salesforce as the first external app to connect to Performio. In this release, we have included a table 'Salesforce Opportunity Data' to import all the opportunities straight into it at the click of a button.

This table is a fixed table which cannot be deleted or the fields cannot be modified and hence you will not see it under table setup screen.

Salesforce opportunity

Product Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Option To Display Percentage On Y-Axis In Graphs

You have the option to choose format for graphs too.


Pie Charts To Display Value & Percentage

In the pie charts, we now display the actual value along with the percentage value.

pie charts

Reports To Have No Spaces In Names When Generated

All the reports generated via different modules in Performio will now have the spaces in name replaced by _. This is implemented so that the SFTP import/export of reports are smooth.

Example: Adhoc Report Aaron Pierce JANUARY 2016 2016-10-26.xls will now be generated as Adhoc_Report_Aaron_Pierce_JANUARY_2016_2016-10-26.xls

Fix For Error 404 When There Is A / At The End Of URL

The error 404 that used to appear on the screen when you had a '/' at the end of the URL is now fixed.

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