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Version 5.8.4

What's new in Version 5.8.4

What If Calculator (Inline Excel Report Module)

In the sales commission tracker we have introduced a new module in the Participant site called Inline Excel Report Module. This module allows you to select an Excel Templated report which is created under Report Builder and view it as an Inline Excel Report in the participant site. Here is a screenshot of the configuration page of this new participant module.

What If

In the Excel template that you upload, you can define many formulas. One example will be to add a formula to calculate payable or commission based on targets and actuals. When a participant views this new module from participant site, they can view this as an Inline Excel which enables them to edit the actuals and see the payable or commission change based on this new actual. These new values do not get saved.

So, from a participant point of view, this new module enables them to see their payable based on "What-if my actual was $x?" or "What if my target was $y?".

This is how an Inline Excel Report module will look in the participant site:

What If

PGP Encryption For SFTP

As part of keeping data secure at rest, we have added encryption of files for SFTP Import and Export from the scheduler.

SFTP Export

For SFTP export we Performio will get a public key from the customer. During export, the file will be encrypted with that key. The file is then placed on the SFTP server specified, which could be either the Performio's public server or the customer's SFTP server. The exported file will have ".PGP" as the extension.

SFTP Import

For SFTP import Performio will get a key pair from the customer. The customer will encrypt files for SFTP import with the public key. Performio will receive a PGP encrypted file from the customer using SFTP, either from Performio's public server or customer SFTP server. Performio will then decrypt the file and store it in the database. To incorporate this, we have added a new menu item under the Advanced section.


Once you add the key pair, passphrase and click on add, private key and passphrase will no longer be visible. Only the public key will be shown on this screen.


If you want the files to be encrypted during an SFTP Import or Export, please tick the checkbox that says, 'Encrypt contents' in the scheduler.

Standard Set Of PVALs

There will be 5 new performance values added in the system from version 5.8.4 onwards. They are:

  • Month Actual
  • Month Target
  • Month Achievement
  • Month OTC
  • Month Payable

You will find these PVALs in the top of the list in any dropdown for performance values, for example in reverse lookups, lookups, ad hoc reports, etc. Since these are standard fixed pvals, you will not find them under Result Schema.

In order to populate values for these standard pvals, you need to use them inside a calculation, by default they don't have any value. The location of these PVALs in the PVAL tree is under periods.periodNumber. They will show up in the pval tree only if they have a value.

See screenshot below which displays 3 out of 5 PVALs for a participant:


You will also see these 5 PVALs displayed in the View Results module selected by default in the dropdown for Show.


Product Enhancements

Performance Values Button Visibility By System Property

From version 5.8.4 onwards, the Performance Values button inside Participant Console (Interrelate/Participants/People/Participant) will be hidden by default. This can be turned on by setting the value of a system property to true. Name of this new system property is 'showPerformanceValuesButtonInParticipantConsole'

Updated Column Names For PC Participant Import

If you were confused whether to put Team name or Team ID in the Team column in PC Participant Export, we have updated it to be 'Team ID (optional, text)'. Also updated Manager Status column to 'Manager Status (optional, Yes/No)'

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