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Version 5.9.1

What's new in Version 5.9.1

Participant Column selection for Performance To Target Component

Currently our commission calculation software takes the sum of actual values (sales amount, number sold etc) in a selected table based on the Participant EID and Period in the Performance to Target component in the SIP template. For example, in the below screenshot from a prior version, the actual value will be derived as the sum of 'Revenue' from Sales Commission Table for Participant EID in a Period.

performance to target component

In version 5.9.1, we have introduced an option for Participant EID selection for this actual calculation. By selecting this option in the SIP template, the administrator can select the field to be used for Participant EID in Manage SIP page. This way, the participant EID field can set differently for any component in any SIP worksheet. See screenshot below for new Performance to Target component in SIP Template.

performance to target component column selection

If the highlighted (in above screenshot) option is ticked, a drop down will appear when editing a SIP to allow selection of the column to be used when matching Participants.

In the below screenshot, column Manager Level 3 is used in calculating the sum of 'Sales' from 'Sales Commission Table', as per component configuration.

custom periods

The default column used will be 'Participant EID' when column selection is disabled or enabled but not chosen in the SIP.

This new option will be very useful if you are using Sales Crediting transformation to populate different levels of Manager EIDs in a table. These manager EIDs can then be selected in SIP to use the rolled up sales details for Manager's payable calculation.

Custom names for Periods

From version 5.9.1 onwards Performio will give you an option to define custom labels for your Periods. The participant site will display this label instead of the default ones(JANUARY 2017, FEBRUARY 2017 etc).

custom periods

You will have an option to specify a custom label when creating a period. You can also edit/update the label for an existing period by clicking on it.

custom periods lables

In the participant end, period selector, graphs etc will now display custom label if defined or default name otherwise.

custom periods delete data

In the PCAdmin, you will see periods as shown below in all places involving periods

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