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Version 6

What's new in Version 6

Full-width view for Admin & Participant sites

Version 6.0 of the sales tracking software, has had a major UI upgrade. Both the sales participant or payee (Sales Performance Management) and sales comp administrator sites (Incentive Compensation Management) now have a full-width view.

In addition to this, we have also updated the hotlinks in the admin dashboard. See screenshot below:

admin dashboard

All the screens with tables will have full width and screens with forms will have a maximum width of 931px. Below is the new look of the result schema page:

edit participant results schema


We are introducing a new way to group participants called Segments. You can now group participants into segments, e.g. to identify “State” or “Region” sales transactions. It can be used to group leaderboards or to filter report data.

Segments, unlike Teams, do not go by the organization hierarchy. Participants from various teams within the hierarchy can be in the same Segment. There is a new tab in the Participant console to add participants to a Segment.


You can either type the name of a Segment or select existing segments from a drop-down. Just like Job Title, SIP etc, there is a start date and end date for a Segment.

Note: A participant cannot be assigned to more than one Segment within the same date range. Start date cannot be any other day other than the first day of a period and end date cannot be any other day other than the last day of the period.

Leaderboard Grouping per Segment

Segments are available within the group by an option in Leaderboards. The leader board calculation then uses the participant segments to create a grouped leader board.

leader board grouping per segment

Filter Adhoc Records Per Segment

While creating ad-hoc reports, Segments are available under Participant Values. You can add an advanced filter to filter on a specific Segment. See screenshot below:

filter ad hoc records per segment

Product Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Leader Board Grouping extended to Bulk Reports and Group Emails

Leader Board reports when accessed via Generate Bulk Report module or sent via group emails will have the grouping filter applied. Email recipients will see a filtered report for the leader board within the group he/she is in. If the recipient does not belong to the leader board, he/she gets to view the unfiltered report.

Clean up of Standard Importer Screen

The standard importer templates no longer have PC appended as a prefix. Also, you can now click on the file names to download them.

cleanup of standard importer screen

 Guarantee Payable Pval Update

If a participant is taken out from guaranteed by removing the guarantee end date, and calculation is re-run, we now delete the Pval GuranteePayable. It will only be created if participant is put back in guarantee period or he has 'Advance' enabled for a component

SFTP Import notification email

We have fixed the issue where SFTP import notification emails missed the import summary.

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