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Version 6.0.2

What's new in Version 6.0.2

Flexible Data Import from Salesforce Opportunity Records

The Salesforce Integration that we introduced in earlier version-enabled administrators to import the Opportunity records in Salesforce to Performio with the click of a button.

We have enhanced this feature to be able to fetch additional data using Salesforce Opportunity Data import. Once the Salesforce connector is setup successfully, you can now see the Salesforce Opportunity Data table setup page under Cog menu- Table setup. Additional fields can be added to this table.

Also, the custom importer for this table will be displayed under the list of custom importers. In the custom imported, we have added a new field Root Object. The default value for this will be Opportunity. This can be modified to fetch fields from any Salesforce object.

Example: The product name of an opportunity is not a field in the opportunity object. Change the root object to "OpportunityLineItem" and create a field mapping for "Product2.ProductName".

Salesforce opportunity data

Once importer is configured as per your requirement, go to Gather-Import Data and click on the Import Salesforce Opportunities button. This click will delete the existing records in Salesforce Opportunity table and imports all records from Salesforce to Performio. You will see the JSON file under Import Data after this.

Salesforce opportunity data

Report Builder with CSV download option

Our report builder now gives the option to download reports as CSV too in addition to excel and pdf. This new option is available for ad-hoc, leader board, custom table and scripted reports.

When CSV download option is selected,  rest of the formatting is not relevant, since CSVs only contain headers and data. The extra configuration in the formatting section is therefore hidden.

report builder with CSV

This report then generated from anywhere in the application will be downloaded as CSV, eg. from SFTP Export, Report Option in the scheduler, Participant site Reports module etc.

In addition to this, we have also added a new "Display CSV" option in HTML Report module configuration screen. This will display a CSV icon on HTML report module. This icon can download a report configured to download as Excel to be downloaded as CSV.

report builder with CSV

Customization for downloaded report names

All reports generated from various places in Performio had a fixed name format which included the name of the report followed by the period for which it was generated and the date on which it was generated. Example - Admin_Adhoc_Report_JANUARY_2016_2017-03-28.xlsx

We now have the option in report config page to customize the name of the report when generated.

report names

In the above screenshot, if Include Period is not ticked the period name would be eliminated from the output file name. You also get to choose the date format for the generated output file.

In addition to the above two, if the download option selected for the report is CSV, you get an additional option to specify the file extension. The default value for this will be ".csv".

report names

Product Enhancements

QTD and YTD values for Commission Per Sale Component Calculation

In addition to monthly values for total sales and total commissions, we are also calculating the QTD and YTD values for them now.

QTD and YTD values

Wider Capsules

The width of capsules has been increased to match the width of a big number on the participant SPM dashboard module.

wider capsules

Component Names next to type in plan template

In the plan template, we now display the name of the component next to the type making it easier to move around components in the plan knowing which is which.

component names

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