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Version 6.0.3

What's new in Version 6.0.3

Participant Sync

Have you been spending long hours on participant management? Guess what, this process has been made easy with the new Participant Sync feature in version 6.0.3.

We are introducing a new table called Participant Source Data where you can import the participant details from Payroll/HRIS system or another source of truth on Users (e.g. Salesforce.com). In this initial version, we expect a CSV or Excel file to be provided to Performio and import it to the Participant Source Data table through a custom importer. From this table, with the click of a button, you can add new participants to Performio, update details of existing participants or even deactivate participants.

A new menu item has been introduced under Gather section called Participant Source Data. This table comes with a default custom importer - 'Participant Source Data Import'. It is this importer that you will need to modify for once, to update column names with the one in the source file or to remove columns that are not in the source file. You can also remove irrelevant columns from the table by going into the table setup page of the Participant Source Data table.  In the screenshot below you can see that the first column name is changed from Participant EID to Member ID to match with the column name in the source file.

participant sync

As shown in the screenshot, we always expect the data to be imported for a period.

The table setup page for this table can be found under Cog menu- Table Setup - Participant Source Data.

Every time you upload a file, it first clears the PSD (Participant Source Data) table,  imports data into it and automatically does sync the imported data with existing participants in Performio. So, as soon as the import process is completed, the two columns Sync Status and Action gets updated in PSD. See screenshot below:

participant sync

Create - All new participants in the source file who are not yet in Performio will have an action set to Create. When you click on Create button, it creates a participant in Performio with start date of OTC, Team, Job Title etc taken from the Start Date

Update - If the participants in the source file have different data than what is already in Performio, it will be shown as Update in action. Example - Job title of a participant changed from Sales Rep to Sales Exec.

Deactivate - If the source file does not contain participants who are already in Performio, they will be shown as Deactivate. These can be ignored or deactivated accordingly.

Filter Buttons in Participant Source Data table

As seen in the above screenshot, PSD table comes with some cool filter buttons along with the usual search feature. There are two sections for these filter buttons - Status and Action. 

Status includes All, Pending, Applied, Ignored and No Changes. Actions include All, Create, Update and Deactivate. What makes these buttons cool is that you can combine Status and Action, eg, Clicking on both Pending and Create will display all the list of participants to the administrator that needs to be created. The button selection will be remembered so that when the sales comp administrator navigates to different pages and comes back to PSD table, it shows the same filter.

participant sync

The next time you upload a new file, if some of the records do not have any changes since the last sync, those records will be shown as No Change.

participant sync

Basic Statistics for Sales Commission Table

You can now see the following statistics about the data in the Sales Commission Table:

  • Total Value
  • Average Rate
  • Total Payable

You get to configure this in the Commission Table Setup page, see the screenshot below. If the configuration is left blank, the statistics will not be shown.

basic statistics for sales commission table

Sales Commission Table will calculate the statistics and display as shown below:

basic statistics for sales commission table

The statistics will be evaluated on the search result.

Product Enhancements

Commission Per Sale Transformation Enhancement

Commission Per Sale transformation had the limitation that it always applies rates to all records in the period in which you are running the transformation. We have enhanced this transformation to make sure that rates get applied to selected records in the table. An example would be applied rates to all records in Sales Commission Table where processed_flag is "Yes".

We have provided the option to write SQL queries to specify custom queries. The custom query must have "WHERE participant_eid = '${participant_eid}'" as the minimum condition in the where clause.

commission per sale transformation enhancement

By default, the SQL Query section seen in above screenshot will be closed and it will use the default settings.

Quick Navigation to Participant Console from Row Entry in Table

If you have selected foreign key 'Member EID' in the table setup page, you now have the option to easily get to Participant Console simply by clicking on the link for Name (EID) in the custom table row. If you click on any other cell, it will take you to the table row.

quick navigation to participant console

In the above screenshot, if you link on Participant One (participant1), it will take you to Participant Console of Participant One:

quick navigation to participant console

You can click on the back button on participant console to go back to the table that you came from.

Standard Importer for Importing Targets 

Our current Participant PSV import that is used to upload targets to participants has Target, Adjustment and Reason Column per component per active SIP Plan, along with all custom fields defined in result schema.

We are introducing a new standard importer called Targets/Quotas which will have only target columns for each component in active plan templates.

UI Changes 

We have made some changes to look of Excel/CSV/pdf/print icons throughout Performio. We use standard buttons for these icons.


We have also replaced the 'create links' in all pages with a standard 'Create' button.


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