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Version 6.0.6

What's new in Version 6.0.6

Ability to raise queries by participants on pay related entries

Participants will be able to raise queries on the pay-related entries in Sales Commission Table. This will provide the participant with an opportunity to raise concerns specific to the entries. In the detailed view of Sales Commission Data, the participant will be presented with a “New” button using which query can be initiated. All queries by default will be addressed to the administrators. The participant is provided an option to add additional recipients. The period is set as default to the period of the Sales Data entry. Chat as Workflow Messages in the query are called posts.

After a message is sent by the participant, the query will be visible on the right side of the page with details like Originator of the query, Job Title, Subject and the latest post in the query.

raise queries

The query is also indicated on the Sales Commission Table row, under a new column query.

raise queries

Closing of Queries

Participant or administrator should be able to close the queries.  Closed queries are indicated by a status “Closed” under the avatar. Clicking on the query would display a message “Query Closed” under the latest post.

  • Participant or admin can reopen a query at any time – when the query is closed, “ReOpen” button is made visible on the site for this functionality.

Colour Indications

Query column on Sales Commission Table displays an envelope symbol when a query is opened against that row. Colour identifiers are used to differentiate the status of the queries for easier understanding.

Green envelope – Open Query

Black Envelope – Closed Query

Administrator View of Queries

When an administrator logs in to the site, he would be able to see the queries raised by all participants under Messages section. The number of unread queries will be indicated by the red message bubble with message count as the existing functionality for messages. Admin can also see the queries in the list view of Sales Commission Table. Clicking on the row will navigate the application to the detailed view of the row, with queries raised on the right side of the page.

Add/remove participants from query

Participants can be added to the query by either admin or the participant who initiated the query. When a new participant is added to the query, he/she would be able to see the posts done in the query prior to their addition.

  • The participant receives a notification in the mailbox section (top right-side envelope symbol) with a count of unread messages with the latest query displayed first.

Restrictions on data view

Participants can engage in queries of third-party participants. When the participants have restricted the view of data, he still can view the queries related to sales data. Participants will not be shown any details regarding the sales data when viewing the queries. Below message will be shown on opening a query.

raise queries

Product Enhancements

Messages to Participants

Participants will be able to see all the messages received in the mailbox without switching periods. All the messages received will be accessible in the mailbox at the top right corner with the count of unread messages.

Sales Crediting tab in Participant console for Administrator

An administrator will be able to see the sales crediting transforms related to each participant under the tab “Sales Credit”. This section will contain the originator, recipient, period and the crediting column from the source table.

sales crediting tab in participant console for administrator

String Values in formula component

Formula component is now enhanced with the capability to read string values for comparison. Two new functions STREQ and STRNOTEQ have been introduced to cater to the needs of comparing string values during computation.

Pvals can be compared with string using the new functions as demonstrated below. Inputs should be given to the function enclosed within "" for the application to accept.


Usage in an IF command

IF(STREQ("pval1","reason"), pval2,pval3)


IF(STRNOTEQ("pval1","reason"), pval2,pval3)


Take the case of writing this condition - if("Flag"="Yes",100,50)

Formula component can be set as - IF(STREQ("Flag","Yes"),100,50)

Pre and Post SQL transform in Sales Crediting Transform

Pre and Post SQL transform has been added to the Sales crediting transform in this release.

pre and post sql transform in sales crediting transform

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