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Version 6.1

What's new in Version 6.1

Participant view enhancement with additional fields

Sales Commission Tracker Administrators will now be able to view more attributes related to a participant in the participant list. The addition of fields like Team Name, Plan Name, Leaderboard, username, and avatar will give the administrators a better picture for managing the participants efficiently. Below are the screenshots referring to the new additional fields visible on the page.

participant view enhancement with additional fields

Participant List Download

Now Sales Comp Administrators can download the participant list using the 'Excel' download button on the top right side of the list. Current search filters like First Name, Last Name can be used to filter data and download the list. This would help in creating a quick view of what you are working on right now.

participant list download

Downloaded file contains additional columns like Location, email,mobile, Team info (EID & name) and Territory (EID & name) information. Excel Template is attached for further reference

Duplicate file upload of input data

Administrators will now be able to 'upload' duplicate files to Performio ICM with the toggle of the system property. This would allow the same file to be uploaded to the system any number of times according to the necessity.

System property - loadImportFileMultipleTimes

Description - Set to true allows loading of the same file multiple times. Set to false the file is rejected if a file with the same contents is already in the system.

The logs provide the administrator with the required information during the loading of a new file. Whenever a duplicate file is uploaded to the system with loadImportFileMultipleTimes set to true, the administrator is alerted with a message as displayed below.

duplicate file upload of input data

Setting the system property to false will result in the below message.

duplicate file upload of input data

Existing system property that manages the duplicate file import to the system is now explained clearly in the application with a description as below.

System property - importImportFileMultipleTimes

Description - Set to true allows a file to be imported multiple times after it is loaded into the system. Set to false a file can only be imported once after it is loaded.

Product Enhancements

Notification indicator for unread queries in Sales Commission Table Module view

Now Administrators and participants will be able to view a notification symbol in queries column of Sales Commission table. A number of decorator will be displayed above the envelope symbol in queries column to indicate the number of unread posts. This would enhance the view for Performio application administrators, to handle and review the sales commission queries from large data at a fast pace.

notification indicator for unread queries in sales commission table module view

Regardless of the status of the query, if there are unread posts, the number and notification will be displayed against the row in Sales Commission table. This feature is available in Participant view as well.

ToDate transformation performance

ToDate transformation performance is scaled up in this release to handle more records in the source table. The response time of calculations run based on ToDate transformation was optimized highly to allow the number of 'Column to Sum' rows and values in toDate fields.

Administrators can now include more rows as shown below assuring faster response during calculations.

to date transformation performance

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