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Version 6.1.1

What's new in Version 6.1.1

Big Number Flip

Commission System Administrators will now be able to configure BigNumbers™ in the dashboard to display PVALS prior to the current period. Once the configuration is done, the participant can view the results from the previous period, 3 months earlier, or 12 months earlier (by default this is disabled). This would give the participants a picture of where they were in the past like what was my achievement, or how much is used to get paid in commissions.

When the participant clicks on the BigNumbers™, it will flip and show the previous result according to the configuration. On clicking again, it will flip back to the original result. BigNumbers™ will flip back to the original figure if untouched after the first click.

Please find the sample images before and after the flip. When the mouse hovers above BigNumbers™, the user is given information about which period results are on the other side (configured for the 1-month prior result in the below case).

big number flip
big number fliped

Search & Sort for Job Title, Leaderboard, Plan, and Team

Sales Comp Administrators can now search and sort on the fields Job Title, Leaderboard, Plan and Team names in the Participant list page. The column headings are enabled to click by which the data can be sorted ascending or descending. More button below Create Participant button will populate the new fields with which search can be performed.

search sort

Filtering Sales Commission Table on Query status for Administrators

Administrators could have a tough time in reviewing the queries on Sales Commission table entries. The job has been made much easier by adding a new filter option in Sales Commission page. This filter allows the administrators to filter the data on the table by query status (No Queries, Open Queries, Closed Queries, Unread Queries).

The filter will be visible on enabling the queries system property.

Configurable Decimal places in custom tables for Administrators

Administrators will now be able to configure the decimal places of figures in custom tables. All the figures will have decimal place precision set to default value 2 and can be configured to 15 decimal places. System property decimalFormat can be used to update the configuration.

Syntax to be used is ##0.00

Increase the number of zeros at the end to increase the decimal places.

Number          Syntax

500.00            ##0.00

500.000          ##0.000

500.0000        ##0.0000

Product Enhancements

Query restoration on re-importing data

When an entry is made in sales commission table, unique id field maintains the ability to trace the queries.

In a scenario where participant raises a query on sales commission data and the data has to be re-imported after changes, unique id helps in restoring the queries related to the row which has been edited. So once new data comes in, the administrator can intimate the participant that the data is updated without losing the old communication. All the participants in the query would be restored with messages that belonged to the original communication.

Configurable colors in Capsules

Capsule section of the dashboard can be configured in the advanced section (clicking on the checkbox) to display multiple colors based on conditions. This allows the administrator to configure the dashboard with capsules in much cooler ways.

configurable colors in capsules

Logs for changes in Plan template

Administrators will now be able to see detailed descriptive logs for changes made in the plan template. The logs will display information on the list view on which component has been modified. The logs currently display rows for actions - create, update and delete. Please find below a screenshot of a row from the log list.

logs for changes in plan template

Click on view button to see the logs as below.

In the below screens, SumComponent is updated with changes in Template.

Logs before the change

logs for changes in plan template

Logs after the change are displayed below. The updated content is displayed after '->' symbol

logs for changes in plan template

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