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Version 6.1.4

What's new in Version 6.1.4

Calculations In Multiple Periods

Performio has come up with a new feature in the commission system for running calculations for multiple periods. The administrator would be able to select the period range for which the calculations can be run.

This feature can be enabled in the application through system property 'EnableCalculationsForPeriodRanges'. Set to true will change the calculations page under Calculate -> Run Calculations as shown below

calculations in multiple periods

An administrator could choose 'From Period' and 'To Period', followed by the calculation to be run. Participants dropdown remain the same as before.

The values displayed under calculations drop down are the relevant calculations according to the period range selected by the user.

Participant Sync Export and Import

Administrators will now be able to export Participant Source Data and Import the same file for Participant Sync. Administrators could do the export, change the required fields and import the same file to Performio. The extra columns in the export file will be filtered automatically by the import engine which would make the process simpler.

participant sync export and import

Product Enhancements

Participant Sync Apply All button

Participant Source Data page has the 'Apply All' button which would apply the changes to the synced file based on the action filtered. An alert message has been added by clicking the button to notify the user that the action is about to be performed.

participant sync apply all button

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