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Version 6.1.6

What's new in Version 6.1.6

Recalculation of Participants with Rejected results for 'In Approval' period status

Commission System administrators will now be able to run calculations for participants with rejected results for an 'In Approval' period. Any participant with an approved result will not be considered in the calculation and will be skipped. When a participant rejects a result, the administrator will now be able to correct the information for the participant and rerun the calculations.

In the below example, November 2016 is 'In Approval' and 'Approver1' has accepted the record. If the calculation is re-run for the participant 'Sip Calculation' (eid:555), the application will skip the calculation. Please refer screenshots

recalculation of participants with rejected results
recalculation of participants with rejected results

If 'approver1' rejects the record, the same participant calculation will be reconsidered during the next run as shown below.

recalculation of participants with rejected results
recalculation of participants with rejected results

Please note: This functionality is applicable only if the period is in 'In Approval' status

Approval workflows configuration

Approval Workflows is a new feature PerformanceCentre has released which enables the client to set up an Approval life cycle for any changes made to a Custom Table module. PerformanceCentre has the capability to allow the participants to view the data set which Administrators release. The data set can be put into modules and is visible for participants on the left side of the page. A participant can also add, modify and delete data based on the permissions set by Administrators.

When a participant changes the values in these modules, it is necessary that the changes are approved by a certain set of employees to make the change genuine.

The feature is enabled through the system property 'enabledApprovals'. Custom Table Module will display option to configure the feature approvals as shown below.

approval workflows configuration

Checking the box will give an alert shown below if the custom table doesn't have a unique column. Make sure the table has a unique column. You could configure the table with a unique key after this message is displayed as well.

approval workflows configuration

Once the column is configured, there are 5 levels displayed for any approval workflow. Each level has the job title options and they can be configured according to the hierarchy of the organization.

Product Enhancements

Sales Commission Table Queries

Queries on Sales Commission Table were managed using a system property. This release would remove the system property and facilitate this feature through 'Enable Queries' checkbox in Commission Table Set up page. Below is a screenshot from Sales Commission Table set up page.

sales commission table queries

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