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Version 6.10

What's new in Version 6.10

Quick navigation to Administrator View

When users access the sales tracking software, they will now have easy access to the Administrator console by clicking on the new “Administrator View” menu option.

The feature is enabled for users with the Administrator role regardless if they switch to a different Participant in the Participant View.

Salesforce: Import Files via a Scheduler instead of manual

Administrators will now be able to able to import files via a Scheduler rather than having to manually import them.

In order to do this, they will first need to enable the existing System Property “enableSalesforceImportScheduler” for the Salesforce Importer option to be displayed in scheduler configuration.

Once the System Property is enabled, the Administrators can set up a Scheduler and choose one or more Salesforce Importers. The data can then be imported automatically by running the scheduler.

All Salesforce Importers including old opportunity data will appear under Salesforce Import type.


COG menu – Results Schema page updates

1. The existing Results Schema item under the COG menu and the Results Schema page has now been renamed to “Results”.

1a. The new “Results” page will only display the Result Schema tab of the original page. Additionally, the following fields are now obsolete in the “Results” page:

  • Min and Max columns
  • Foreign Key column

1b. Field Schema and Period Specific Values Schema tabs have now moved to their own page “Participate Attributes”, also displayed in the COG menu as its own separate item.  See further details in Section 2 of Enhancements.

2. New “Participate Attributes” page in the COG menu displays the Field Schema and Period Specific Values Schema tabs which have now been renamed as “Non-Period Effective” and “Period Effective” respectively.

2a. Min and Max columns are now obsolete in the “Non-Period Effective” and “Period Effective” under the “Participate Attributes” page, however, the Foreign Key column still exists.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed the issue with the “Entity Type” defaulting to “Participants” upon navigating back to Manage Targets from another page. The “Entity Type” will now be defaulted to the option selected previously by an Administrator.

E.g. The Administrator selects “Team” as the “Entity Type” on the Manage Targets page, navigates to some other page and returns back to the Manage Targets page. They will now see their previous selection “Teams”, and not “Participants” as per the behavior of the “Entity Type” field prior to this release.

2. Fixed the Plan Template formulate component help bubble to correctly display text to assist the users. The help bubble now displays all the information as displayed in the below screenshot.

3. Fixed the issue where multiple jobs of the same type could run in parallel. This was occurring when the same Scheduled Job was triggered again before the first run completed. This issue resulted in the incorrect display of the job status. Now, any subsequent Scheduled Jobs will not be triggered if there is already a running instance of the job. In addition, an audit log is recorded to inform Administrators that there is another job running so this particular job was not executed.

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