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Version 6.10.2

What's new in Version 6.10.2

Participant Attributes have ‘Enable’ flag so they can be archived when no longer needed 

Participant Attributes in the sales tracking software can be removed from both the Participant console and on the Period effective tab when no longer needed. An “Enable” flag on the Participant Attributes in the COG menu allows the user to choose whether or not the attribute is displayed on the Participant console.

By default, the checkbox is selected when a new field is added to the Participant Attributes page.

Attribute Type/ Flag Status “Enable” flag checked “Enable” flag unchecked
Period Effective The Administrator has the option of selecting the attribute when they add a new attribute in the Participant’s Period attribute tab. The Administrator does not have the option of selecting the attribute when they add a new attribute in the Participant’s Period attribute tab
Given the Participant has a value for an attribute on the Participant Period Attribute tab, the attribute and value are displayed but the value cannot be edited. However, the attribute can still be deleted. 
Non Period- Effective Attribute displayed on Participant console. Attribute not displayed on the Participant console.

Ability to link Payable component to Target component 

Previously, when creating a Payable component on a Plan Template, Administrators had to ensure the Payable Component was added with the same Component Number as the Target Component if they were to be linked together. 

Administrators can now link a Payable Component to a Target Component, if required, via the new “Pay On Target Component” checkbox. 

When the checkbox is selected, the user can select a Target Component to link the Payable Component to from the dropdown below the checkbox. The Component Number and Name are unavailable in this case. 

The dropdown displays both linked and unlinked components i.e. components that are already linked cannot be selected for linking. 

When the checkbox is unselected, the dropdown for linking is unavailable and  Component Number and Name are available for input. 

In addition, once a Payable component has been added and linked it to a Target Component, the Target Component cannot be changed. 


1. Component generated input fields are now hidden from the Participant’s Period Attributes tab, so the Administrator only sees user-generated Participant Attributes i.e No Target or Payable Component generated values.

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed the issue with Custom Table creation allowing invalid characters in the name which caused the solution to error out. Custom Table name can now only be created with alphanumeric characters. 

2. Fixed the Sales Commission Override functionality to correctly record the date value when updating a record on the Sales Commission Table, where a date is present and the System Property “displayDateFormat” is set to a US date format (e.g. MM/DD/YYYY).

3. Fixed the issue with Upload API where the user was logged out if they attempted to upload a file after a few hours of being logged in.

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