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Version 6.10.5

What's new in Version 6.10.5

Advanced Delete Data Transform

When creating a new Delete Data Transform, Incentive Compensation Management administrators now have the option to add Criteria rules, in order to filter the data to be deleted. 

Any existing Transforms will continue to function as per the previous setup. 

Advanced Delete Transform

The Criteria rules function exactly as other Transforms such as “Table to Result” Transform, as described below:


Nested levels of AND and OR conditions can be defined to filter on the data selected for the table update.

The Criteria function allows Groups to be added to enable nested conditions, where the AND/OR condition can be set for each group.

Rules are added for each conditional field being compared. Similar to the Set Field function, the field’s comparison value can be set to field from the referenced Table, or:

  • Input Value: User-defined (free text input) 
  • Participant EID: User-defined (free text input) 
  • Period: Input Period number of running Calculation
Advanced Delete Transform

Period Number included in Results

As of this release, the Period Number is available as a Global Result of a calculation run.

In addition, the Results page under the COG menu also displays an entry with the Label “Period Number”  with Type as Integer and the path defined as “periodNumber”. 

All the dropdowns displaying Result fields also display the “Period Number” field under the “Participant Results” section. 

Period Number Displayed

Note that for customers who have already defined custom fields with paths as “periodNumber”, no additional fields will be added in the Results page as shown above. However, the Label for the existing field has been updated to “Period Number” and the Type as Integer.


  1. Charts on the Dashboard Participant Modules now have the Results selectors equipped with the functionality to only display the fields that are marked as “Visible”  on the Results Page in the COG menu. This checkbox was introduced in Version 6.10.3 to provide the Administrators with the ability to make the Result fields available or unavailable for selection for further processing or reporting. The checkbox is selected by default.

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