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Version 6.11.1

What's new in Version 6.11.1

Salesforce Importer Filter Criteria

Compensation Management Software administrators can now add more than one filter field criteria to new and existing Salesforce Importers. This is applicable to the new Salesforce Importer feature, where multiple objects are supported.


Nested levels of AND and OR conditions can be defined to filter on the data selected for the table update.

The Criteria function allows Groups to be added to enable nested conditions, where the AND/OR condition can be set for each group.

Rules are added for each conditional field being compared. As per the existing filter field feature;

  • the Field selector includes fields associated to the selected Salesforce object and one level down
  • the comparison value is a user-defined free text input
Multiple Salesforce Filters


The Performance Value Lookup Transform now has the Results selectors equipped with the functionality to only display the fields that are marked as “Visible”  on the Results Page in the COG menu. This checkbox was introduced in Version 6.10.3 to provide the Administrators with the ability to make the Result fields available or unavailable for selection on reports or other calculations. The checkbox is selected by default.

In addition, the Performance Value Lookup Transform user interface has been upgraded, therefore user inputs and updates have been slightly modified.

Results Lookup Transform
Pval Lookup Transform


  1. System Properties participantSessionTimeout & adminSessionTimeoutRelease has been added back and set to default values

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