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Version 6.2

What's new in Version 6.2

Searchable drop down on the custom table or custom table module

Commission System Administrators and participants will now be able to search values in the drop down for adding or updating values in a custom table.

The custom table offers the feature of adding or updating records. A window pops up when the user clicks on Add Record. Addition of records on a table currently can be restricted through providing a drop down. These drop downs will have a search functionality which would make the addition or update process much easier. Please find below the screenshots.

searchable drop down on custom table

Custom table and custom table module will support this feature. All the columns configured with the foreign key will demonstrate this behavior.

Updated Custom Table Module view

When a participant updates values in a record by accessing the custom table module detailed view, the changes made to the record are updated on the page and old value is displayed as strikethrough immediately when the change is made.

All the fields marked as editable in table setup page as well as in the participant module configuration page will be available for editing in custom table module. These fields will respond to the changes made by the participant and will be displayed on the screen in the below pattern. In the below example,

The transaction ID field is updated with value 1233 and the old value 123 is displayed as strikethrough. Once the update button on the page is clicked, the value is updated.

updated table module view

Approval in the Custom table module records for UPDATE

When a participant logs into Performio, custom table modules are visible on the left-hand side menu. These modules have data which could be viewed by the participant based on the permission set by administrators. Any updates on the table data by participants can now be streamlined through the approval process.

Below link has the information about configuring an approval workflow.

When a participant module is created, different job titles can be assigned as approving authority for any changes in data of custom table module. Below is a screenshot of approval level configuration in administrator site.

approval in the custom table module records for update

Once this is configured, any changes made by a participant has to go through approval life cycle. In this example, first approval will be done by a team member who is in a different job title.

Eg: If a participant with job title SALES updates a record in a custom table module, the first approval will be done by TEAM LEADER, who is on the same team. Then the request escalates to next level of approval which is BRANCH MANAGER, REGIONAL MANAGER, and NATIONAL SALES MANAGER.

approval in the custom table module records for update

Approval in the Custom Table Module records for ADD

When a new record is added to custom table module, the addition can be validated via approval. If the custom table is approval enabled, the addition of a record will go through the approval process as shown below. When add button is clicked, an approval request will be created. When the message is entered, the approval request is sent to the approver's mailbox. Approval request on a record will be visible to all participants who visit this module.

approval in the custom table module records for add

Approval in the Custom Table module records for DELETE

When a custom table module is deleted, an approval request is initiated as displayed below.

approval in the custom table module records for delete

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