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Version 6.2.1

What's new in Version 6.2.1

Approval request in mailbox of participant

When participants log into the sales commission tracker, they would be able to see approval requests in the mailbox at the top right corner of the application page. The mailbox contained messages and queries. This will be added to approve requests for this release.


  • Approval requests are within reach of participants quicker than accessing it from the custom table module from where it originated.
  • Distinguish approvals with tag name of format - Approval ID XXXX
  • Participants in approval hierarchy will have Approve and Reject button in Approval window
  • Current approving participant will have Approve and Reject button enabled. For other participants in approval chain, it will be disabled.
  • Quick navigation to custom table module from the approval in mailbox
  • Any level of restriction to the visibility of custom table module doesn't stop the participant from accessing the approval request. The participant will be intimated with a message regarding the denial of permission.
  • Participant will be able to approve or reject the request regardless of permission to access the custom table module
  • Approval requests stay in mailbox after approval or rejection for reconciliation at a later point in time
  • The participant requesting the change on a custom table module record will have a request in the mailbox. Other participants will not have the request in mailbox but will be visible from Participant module where approvals are enabled

Mailbox with Approvals and queries

approval request in mailbox of participant

Requester accessing Approval request from mailbox initiated for DELETE of a record

approval request in mailbox of participant

Requester accessing approval request from mailbox initiated for UPDATE

approval request in mailbox of participant

Approval Request from mailbox for action ADD

When a participant adds a new record to a custom table module, which has approvals enabled, the approval request is initiated and sent to the immediate approver. Since this record is not yet available in the custom table, list view will not display any details pertaining to the record. For the approval workflow, these requests will be displayed on the mailbox. On clicking the approval request which is pending for ADD, the application opens a page with approval request and would show a replica of how the record would look like in the background.

The underlying view has the message "Addition of this record is pending approval". This is an exclusive view navigating via the mailbox. One the record is approved by the last approver, it will be visible in list view.

approval request from mailbox for action add

Approving requests on behalf of another participant

When approval requests are initiated by participants, the immediate approver receives intimation in the mailbox. If the current approver is not able to approve the request, another participant can switch user and approve the request on his behalf.

The capability of switching user is done by participants who manage a team. In the below screenshot, the participant is assigned as 'Team Manager Of' MELBOURNE.

approving requests on behalf of another participant

As per the team hierarchy below, MELBOURNE team has 2 subteams below SOUTH BANK and CLARENDON. The participant 'Ryan Gosling' is assigned as manager and he will be able to switch as any participant of MELBOURNE, SOUTH BANK, and CLARENDON.

approving requests on behalf of another participant

This can be achieved by navigating to the left side of the page and hovering the mouse over participant name. A list of participants and team hierarchy will be displayed from which the current participant (Ryan Gosling) can choose to switch to. In this example, Ross Geller is chosen and a request is approved on behalf of him.

approving requests on behalf of another participant
approving requests on behalf of another participant

Validation on custom table module records

Custom table module records can be added by a participant in participant site as per existing functionality. Administrators can directly add the data to custom table view in admin site as well. This new feature would allow the admins to add validations or conditions on the data entered in custom tables and custom table modules.

While setting up the table, administrators could choose a utility script designed to validate each field of the custom table. This would ensure correctness of data.

The bottom section of table setup page has a drop down named as Pre data change utility script.

This enables the admin to choose a script designed under Advanced -> Utility Scripts to be applied to the data entry validations of custom table data.

validation on custom table module records

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