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Version 6.2.3

What's new in Version 6.2.3

Approvals by Administrators

Approval in the sales commission tracker were introduced recently is now expanded to administrator page. This means that approval of a request can be done by an administrator by accessing the custom table where approvals are created.

Approvals are configured on the participant's custom table module. The approvals should have minimum one level of job titles assigned as approvers and can go up to maximum 4 levels.

Administrators - participant with user role administrator in Interrelate -> Participant -> User Accounts

Administrators cannot be assigned as approvers during configuration since approval configuration is done based on job titles.

Administrators will have the capability to approve requests from any level from the admin page.

Below is an example configuration of an approval workflow.

approvals by administrators

When an approval request is initiated by a participant with job title 'Sales', the request will go to the first approver with job title 'Team Leader'. This approval request could be approved or rejected by a participant with role 'Administrator'.

The approval request will be visible in the detailed view of record under section 'Items' as shown below. Clicking on approval will display the approval dialog box.

approvals by administrators

Approving request in detailed view by an Administrator

When the administrators access custom tables with approval, the detailed view of a record with approval request pending will have an item under Items section. When an admin clicks on the approval request, he will be presented with a new dialogue box. This will have the posts that are exchanged between requester and approver, a text field to add the post and approve/reject/close button at the bottom.

approving request in detail

When the administrator clicks on approve button, the request progress to the next approver as per configuration in Participant module page. At this point, if the 2nd level approver logs into his participant page, he would get a pending action indicator for this record.

For the administrator, this request could be approved multiple times until the last approver. In a normal scenario, when level 1 approver clicks on approve/reject button, the button goes into a disabled state indicating participant that his task is done for this request. But in the case of an administrator, since he is having the capability of approving the request multiple times, the buttons remain enabled until the last level of approval is done and the record is updated with the requested change.

Approval status and filter on Administrator site

When admins log into PC admin page custom table list view, if the table is enabled with approvals, a new column named 'Approval' would be added before other data columns defined in table setup page. This column is populated with thumb icons with different colors to indicate the status of approval.

In admin page, the approval status is of the type 'Pending Approval' and is indicated by a black thumb.

Admins cannot initiate an approval request. They could only react to a pending approval. So any approval requests raised by participants on the custom table and is pending approval will be indicated by a black thumb under approval column.

Another feature that eases the workflow of admins is filtering the records. When there are thousands of records in the custom table and hundreds of them are pending approval, he can easily filter them using the Approval status filter.

The filter can be viewed by clicking on More ... the button on the right side of Search field in a custom table page.

approval status and filter on administrator site
approval status and filter on administrator site

Metric filtering on Commission Per Sale component

Performio has an existing feature in Target component called as Metric filtering which enables the filtering of search criteria during the calculation of Actuals. This feature is being extended to Commission Per Sale component.

The new changes are as below.

1) Commission per sale page in Plan template has a new field 'Enable Metric Filtering' between Database Table and Value Label field. Product field is removed from the page.

metric filtering on commission per sale component

When the new component is added to the template, template page would have the same 'Enable Metric Filtering' field instead of product.

2) Manage Plans section would have the similar setup of Target component as below.

Filter Metric on column indicates the column to be used to identify the record

Filter Metric using gives the option to identify using the product or custom input

Filter Metric by Product field gives a drop down of product defined if 'Use Product Selector' had been chosen earlier

Selecting 'Use Custom Input' changes the field into a text field where the product EIDs should be entered to be identified during the transforms.

metric filtering on commission per sale component

When Commission Per Sale transform is executed, the transform searches for the rate table in Plan compared to Plan template (in earlier versions).

For the existing Commission per Sale Components, all the products defined with Commission Per sale components will be converted in the above format with the product filtered as custom input.

Product Enhancements

Audit Logs during changes in plan

When the fields of plans listed below change, the Audit logs get an entry under the object name 'IncentivePlanReferenceData'.

audit logs during changes in plan

Audit Logs on PSV and OTC Changes

The audit logs are updated when the PSV and OTC are changed.

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