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Version 6.2.4

What's new in Version 6.2.4

Pending Approvals page

With the release of Approval feature in the commision tracker's custom table, participants configured on approval hierarchy would get many approval requests on a daily basis. As a participant, it would be hectic to go through each request in some cases before the approval. Filters on approval status would give them an idea of how many requests pending their action.

Performio is introducing a new page inside the custom table module which gives the participant a whole new space to tackle the approvals swiftly. In the click of a button, all the approvals pending under a certain participant can be approved. Please find below the highlights of this new feature.

1. Pending Approvals button

The new page can be accessed by a participant if approvals are enabled on that custom table module. The participant may or may not be in the approval hierarchy. This page would display all the approvals pending in that module.

pending approvals

2. Pending Approval page

Pending Approvals page displays all custom table module records with pending approval requests. The table structure is as below.

Select Column - This is a column with a header to select the records in Pending Approvals page. 2 options are "Select Visible" and "Select All".

Select Column is followed by all columns from custom table module view. This is followed by the below columns.

Change: This column reflects the values which represent the type of change done to the table. The values are ADD, DELETE and UPDATE.

If a participant adds a new record to the table, which has approvals enabled, an approval request would be initiated. This request would be represented in Pending Approvals page with Change column having the value 'ADD'.

Last Action: This column represents the latest action done on an approval request by participants in approval hierarchy. values are 'Request' and 'Approved'.

Last Action By Participant name who did the last action will be displayed in this column.

Last Action Date: Date on which the last action was performed will be updated.

Table Properties

Table Records: Each record on the table has a link to the detailed view of the record with approvals displayed on the right side under Items section. The Approval window pops up automatically. Clicking on back button from the detailed view will take you back to Pending Approvals page.

When a delete or update change request is created, list view will show the column values as strikethrough.

Delete will have all values strikethrough, whereas update will be reflected in changed values.

pending approvals
pending approvals

Sorting: Columns are provisioned to be sortable.

Records per page can be a maximum of 100.

Three buttons are available at the bottom of the page.

Back - Takes the participant back to custom table module list view

Approve Selected - Used to approve the selected requests

Reject Selected - Used to reject the selected requests

pending approvals

Below is the workflow of viewing a pending approval request from Pending Approval page.

pending approvals

Note: Approvals are visible in the mailbox. But as the number of approval requests increases, there could be the considerable increase in load time of mailbox. System property 'displayApprovalInMailbox' can be used to turn off the approvals from the mailbox.

Selection of Pending Approvals

Pending Approvals page will have all the records from custom table module with an approval request which is not closed. When a participant who is not having the role to approve the request should not be allowed to do any action on the request. This is handled using checkboxes.

When a participant logs into application and clicks on Pending Approvals page, a checkbox will be displayed under the Select column if a request is pending approval with him. Consider the below example.

A retail Sales custom table module is configured with approval. When Kim logs in and clicks on Pending Approval page, his view is as below. There are no check boxes under Select column which would mean approval is not pending with him. The requester can be identified by clicking the hyperlink. See the second image.

selection of pending approvals
selection of pending approvals

As per the approval config, Desmond is the next person who should approve the request. So when Desmond logs in, he will have a checkbox against these records.

selection of pending approvals

Select All - Checking this box will select all the records with checkboxes for the currently logged in the participant. Deselecting any one of the requests will change the checkbox symbol to indicate partial selection.

Select Visible - This is used to select the records on the current page. Navigating to the second page will remember the selections from the first page.

Only one option can be selected from Select column header.

Select All

select all

Partial Selection

partial selection

Approve or reject pending approvals

When a participant logs into application and clicks on Pending Approvals button on custom table module, all the records with pending approval requests are displayed on the page. When selection is done by the participant, he/she can either approve or reject the selected requests.

This action is done using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

approve or reject pending approvals

Clicking on Approve Selected will take the participant to a new page which shows the progress of the approval and shows the result of the transaction. Which is as below. In above example, there are 2 requests for approval. With one type as ADD and other as UPDATE. After the approval, clicking on the back will display other records in page 1 (current selection is done on page 2).

Below is the workflow from pending approval page to approval progress page and then back to pending approval page.

approve or reject pending approvals

After the approval/rejection,

  • records are removed from pending approval page
  • Approved requests will have the new value or a new record or a record deleted according to the change
  • rejected requests will be reverted to old values and ope to or new changes.

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