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Version 6.4.4

What's new in Version 6.4.4

Searching for a task on the ICM Dashboard

With the new enhancement to the Task Manager section in the commission system, an administrator can search a task using the Assigned drop down and search box.

The new 'Assigned' drop-down lists all the admins and a value named Unassigned. Unassigned is used to display the tasks which are not assigned to any admins during creation.

Previous Versions

task search

New Version

task search
task search

Search Function

The search returns results with matches in Description and notes. The search is applied across pending and completed tasks. The number of completed tasks gets adjusted with search criteria.

task search

Export ICM Tasks to Excel

Administrators will now be able to export tasks into excel files. Export can be done by clicking on Excel button to the right side of New button.

task export

Exported tasks will have the below details.

  • Task Id
  • Assigned To
  • Details
  • Notes
  • Status
  • Period
  • Repeat Frequency
  • Created Date
  • Updated Date
  • Deleted Date
  • Due Date
  • Sub Task Details
  • Sub Task Status

The tasks will be arranged with Pending tasks first followed by Completed tasks

Pending tasks will be exported in the same order as they appear in task section of the dashboard. Completed tasks will be in the order of completed date and time.

If a task has subtasks, the exported file will have task IDs repeated for the number of subtasks.

Task Id Assigned To Description ... SubTask Description Sub Task Status
10 John Doe (jdoe) Task 5 ... Sub Task 1 Completed
10 John Doe (jdoe) Task 5 ... Sub Task 2 Pending
9 Jane Doe (jadoe) Task 4 ...    
8 John Doe (jdoe) Task 3 ... Another Sub Task 1 Pending
8 John Doe (jdoe) Task 3 ... Another Sub Task 2 Completed
8 John Doe (jdoe) Task 3 ... Another Sub Task 3 Pending

Adding and deleting multiple attachments to a task

When a task is created or edited, administrators were previously able to add a single attachment to a task. With this release, multiple attachments can be added to a task.

Attachment section towards the bottom with browse button enables the admin to attach files.

task attachments

Clicking on Browse button allows you to upload files. You can select one file at a time or select multiple files together and attach to the task. If the attachment count exceeds 4, a scroll bar appears on the right side.

One file at a time

task attachments

Multiple files

task attachments
task attachments

Attachments are always checked against the allowed extensions in the application. The application will reject any file outside the allowed file types and the file will not be uploaded. The error message below is displayed when the wrong file type is attached and update/add button is clicked:

task attachments

Deleting attachments

Any attachment can be deleted from the task using the new delete icon against each attachment.

task attachments

Configuring mailbox with external hosts

With this release, admins can configure mail hosts in the application which would replace the mail addresses with user's own email id.

Below system properties should be updated with the correct information. Group email and reset password options in the application can be updated with your own email id by changing below system property values.



Other system properties to be changed for email configurations

  • mailHost - email server host (ex. smtp.samplemailserver.com)
  • mailUser - host user email address (ex. sampleuser@samplemailserver.com)
  • mailPassword - host user email password (ex. samplePassword)
  • mailPort - email server port (ex. 888)
  • mailTls - allow timeouts for email server (ex.true or false)
  • mailConnectiontimeout - SMTP socket connection timeout value in milliseconds. (ex. 600000)
  • mailTimeout - SMTP socket read timeout value in milliseconds (ex. 600000)

Product Enhancements

  • Adhoc reports in admin page optimized for all screen resolutions

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