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Version 6.5

What's new in Version 6.5

Task Manager User Interface Enhancements

Performio is releasing a new version of task manager as part of updates to the commission system with enhancements to look and feel in the commission system.

task manager ui

Changes applied in the user interface is as listed:

  1. Tasks can now be accessed by clicking on the row itself. The edit button has been removed.
  2. The column headings have been updated with 'DESCRIPTION' and 'ASSIGNED'
  3. The Due Date has been italicised and turns red when past the original value
  4. Icons are now center-aligned within their respective columns

Product Enhancements

Participant sync was enhanced to sync participants with past job roles and territories

The participant with a job role of a manager in the current period can be synced to update team member role of a previous period.

Current Period (Oct 16) - Team Manager

Previous Period (Sep 16) - Team Member

Before Sync - For a single participant

Team Manager tab section - Team Manager membership of Friends' team with a start date of 1 Oct 2016.

participant sync

Team Member tab section - Not a member of any team.

participant sync

How to Sync - Participant Source Data page

Source File has to be updated with previous Manager Status = NO and upload the file to period intended for sync. In this case, its uploaded to Sep 16 period.

participant sync

After Sync for the previous period (Sep 16) - For a single participant

Team Member tab section - Team membership has been created for the previous period Sept 2016, with an end date on 30 Sept 2016. This is due to the existing Manager membership beginning on the 1 Oct 2016.

participant sync

Team Manager tab section - The existing Team Manager membership has been maintained to begin 1 Oct 2016, with no end date.

participant sync

Bug fixes in group email functionality when cc is used. CC field now allows unrestricted email ids with comma separation

participant sync

Bug fixes for task manager features

  • Bug fixes for the custom table module detailed view when editing an existing field
  • Switching capability of managers to view other participant details has been optimized to cater to period ranges when they are active

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