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Version 6.6

What's new in Version 6.6

Territory and Team Column Selection for Performance to Target Component

Commission System administrators will now be able to define a Performance to Target Component to retrieve the Actual value based on the Participant’s Territory or Team EID, rather than the Participant EID.

Note to Administrators: Existing Plan Templates and Plans with Performance to Target Components will automatically be updated to reflect this new version.

COG Menu > Plan Template

column selection

Actual Value Calculation: A new label that has been added to the layout of fields on the Target Component to group fields related.

Apply in To Date Calc: Originally the 'Actual to Date Calc’ drop-down field. It has been updated to a checkbox and placed next to the defined database details.

Selecting the checkbox behaves in the same manner as selecting ‘Use Custom Table’ on the original ‘Actual To Date Calc’ field.

The default option (not selected), behaves in the same manner as selecting ‘Use Pval’ on the original ‘Actual To Date Calc’ field.’

Refer to the help bubble for further details.

The ‘Enable Participant Column Selection’ checkbox has been removed. Column selection is now controlled on the Plan (see Manage Plans below)

Administration Menu > Calculate > Manage Plans

column selection

Entity Selection: A new drop-down field has been introduced, in replace of the ‘Enable Participant Column Selection’ checkbox on the Plan Template (see Plan Templates above).

It allows Administrators to control the type of entity to match when retrieving the Participant's Actual value. This drop-down field allows the following options:

  • Participant
  • Teams
  • Teams and Sub-Teams
  • Territories
  • Territories and Sub-Territories

Refer to the help bubble for further details.

Entity Column: The ‘Participant EID Column’ drop-down field has been relabelled to ‘Entity Column’, as columns can now be selected for Team or Territory entities, not just Participant EID.

column selection

Based on the Entity Selection, select a column that will contain either the Participant’s EID or Participant's Territories EID or Teams EID.

Product Enhancements

  1. Fixed the issue on Custom Table module export, where an empty excel file was produced when there were no search fields defined. The table now exports all data in view.
  2. Fixed the issue on Custom Table module pagination, where page 1 was automatically re-displayed after 3-5 seconds once the user navigated from page 1 to page 2. The table now does not navigate back to page 1.
  3. Fixed the dead-lock issue that occurred intermittently upon approving bulk Approval Requests. Bulk approvals of requests are now processed smoothly.
  4. Fixed the issue on the data presented on Administration Tables, where selected 'search' fields that were not for 'display' were resulting in an incorrect search result. Now fields will not appear in the search options if it has not been enabled for 'display'.

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