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Version 6.6.1

What's new in Version 6.6.1

Additional Filter Fields for Performance to Target Component

Commission System administrators will now be able to define up to five filter fields with flexible value combinations when retrieving the Actual value for the Performance to Target Component.

This has replaced the Metric Filter option.

Note to Administrators: Existing Plan Templates and Plans with Performance to Target Components will automatically be updated to reflect this new version.

COG Menu > Plan Template

Administrators can add up to five Filter columns on the Plan Template for Performance to Target Component.

The 'Enable Metric Filter' checkbox has been removed.

additional filter fields

Refer to the help bubble for further details.

Administration Menu > Calculate > Manage Plans

Once Filter Fields have been defined on the Plan Template, they will appear on the Plan's Component, allowing administrators to input Filter Values for each defined field.

Additionally, they will have the option to input multiple values, comma separated for a given field and the option of defining multiple row value combinations.

All Metric Filter fields displayed by the 'Enable Metric Filter' option has been removed.

additional filter fields

Refer to the help bubble for further details.

Single Sign-On (SSO) option on Login Page

Participants now have the option of logging into Performio using Single Sign-On (SSO) directly from the Participant login page.


The button will only appear for sites that have Single Sign-On Configuration defined with a SAML Protocol.

Administrators can define a custom Login Button Label against the Advanced >> Single Sign-On Configuration.


As per existing SSO functionality, Participants will only be able to use the new SSO button if they have 'Must Use Single Sign-on' enabled.


Product Enhancements

Internal enhancements on Microservices

Improved the internal system logs by providing a more flexible and reliable approach in logging requests and responses.

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