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Version 6.6.2

What's new in Version 6.6.2

Order Participant Modules

Commission System Administrators now have the ability to change the order of Participant Modules by selecting a row and dragging it up or down the page. The up/down arrows originally provided to order modules have been removed from the page.

participant modules

In addition, administrators will have the option of viewing ALL content modules on one page, to allow Participant Modules to be reordered within a single page.

participant modules

Copy Participant Modules

Administrators now have the ability to copy an existing Participant Module by clicking on the 'Copy' button at the bottom of a Participant Module

Note: This feature has been enabled for all types of Participant Modules except Dashboard Modules. Copy on Dashboard Modules will be introduced in the following release.

participant modules

Mobile Apps in App Stores

Participants will now be able to download the Performio Mobile App from both the Apple iOS App StoreGoogle Play App Store.

Apple App Store iOS
Google Play Store

The Mobile App will allow you to log in faster into Performio; Initial setup requires the input of the domain URL and credential details, subsequent logins need only a PIN Code.

Product Enhancements

  1. Updated the Table Setup options to disable the 'Search' checkbox if the 'Summary' checkbox is not selected. Only fields selected to display in the summary view can be enabled for search.
  2. Optimized the Reverse Lookup Data Transform to improve performance when calculations are executed over a large period range.
  3. Added internal security checks to APIs by signing critical information such as username and tenant identifier.

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