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Version 6.7

What's new in Version 6.7

Batches displayed with Step details and nested Steps


An advanced view of the Batch page is now available under the COG menu in the commission system, providing Administrators a single view of Step details without the need of opening multiple windows and searching for each associated object.

The view provides the following features:

A. Steps are separated into two input fields:

  • Type: The type of object being referenced as a step; Batch, Transform Data, Plan Template, Leader Board, Calculation Script
  • Name: The name of the objects filtered based on the selected Type

B. The object associated with the Step can be viewed on a separate tab within the browser by clicking on the magnifying glass icon

display batches

C. The Description field defined on the Step’s object can be viewed by clicking the green expand icon.

display batches

D. Nested Batch Steps associated to ‘Batch’ Step Types can also be viewed when clicking the green expand icon

display batches

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please speak to your Customer Experience Manager to activate this feature.

This advanced Batch view is enabled by setting the enableAdvancedBatchPage System Property to true under the Advanced Administration menu.

display batches

Component Names in Participant PSV & Target Importers


Component Names have been added to the following file formats for Standard Importers to assist Administrators when updating files for import:

  • Participant PSV
  • Participant PSV (Ignore blanks)
  • Target/Quotas
component names

Formatted Dates under the Interrelate Menu based on System Property


All date fields defined on pages under the Administration > Interrelate Menu are now displayed according to the displayDateFormat System Property.

formatted dates

The System Property was introduced in a previous release.

Date fields appear on the following Interrelate Menu pages:


  • People: Job Title, OTC^, Territories, Segments, Team Manager, Team Member, Sales Crediting(s), Leader Board, Plans
  • Teams
  • Job Titles

^ OTC Guarantee Date will be formatted in a future release


  • Territories
  • Accounts


  • Products
  • Product Groups
  • Markets

Product Enhancement & Bugs


  1. A Description field has been added to the following objects in order to allow Administrators to capture additional information about the object:
    • Administration Menu: Advanced > Calculation Scripts
    • COG Menu: Plan Template
    • COG Menu: Batches
  2. CSV and Excel data exports from tables and reports have been optimized by improving the method used to retrieve foreign key values.
  3. Validation has been added on the creation of Plan Templates to prevent invalid characters being entered for the Template EID and Name, in order to support performance value schema paths.


  1. An issue has been fixed in the Mobile App in order to display the PIN page when a Participant logs in via SSO.

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