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Version 6.7.3

What's new in Version 6.7.3

Target Component - Source from Target Table


Manages plans in the commission system can now be defined to retrieve the Participant’s Target value from the new Targets Table. The Targets Table was introduced as part of Release 6.7.1.

This function is enabled for a Plan’s Target Component by setting the Source field to ‘Targets Table’ on the Plan Template. By default, the Source field is set to ‘Participant Inputs’, which will retrieve the Target value from the Participant’s Input page as per existing behavior.

target component

An ‘Entity Selection’ field is displayed on a Plan’s Target Component when the associated Target Component has a Source field set to ‘Targets Table’.

The field allows Administrators to select one of the following options to define the Entity Type that is used in order to retrieve the Participant’s Target value.

  • Participant
  • Teams
  • Teams & Sub-Teams
  • Territories
  • Territories & Sub-Territories
  • Plan
target component

Upon running the Plan’s calculation, the Target value is summed for the Participant from the Targets table where the Entity EID is based on the Entity Selection; either the Participant's EID, or the Participant's Territories, Teams or Plans they are associated to.

Where a Sub-Territories or Sub-Teams option is selected, the sub Territories or Teams associated to the Participant's Territories or Teams would be matched.

The Target Value is stored in the existing Target Performance Values.

API Documentation

Administrators can now view documentation on the available APIs (Application Program Interfaces) by clicking on the new menu option under Advanced > API Documentation.

Upon clicking the new menu option, the documentation will open in a new tab within the browser.

API documentation

Two APIs are currently available:

1. Upload and Import a file

2. Run Calculation

NOTE: Please speak to your Customer Experience Manager if you wish to use an API.

Enhancements & Bugs


1. Optimized the Leader Board calculation

2. Enhanced the Targets Tabs on each Entity page:
- Removed the Entity Type and Entity EID fields from the Search options
- Removed the Entity Type and Entity EID columns from the data table

bug fixes

3. Enhanced the Manage Targets page:
- Positioned the Entity Type Search field to the top of the page
- Removed the Entity Type field from the Search options
- Removed the Entity Type column from the data table

bug fixes

4. Enhanced the Colour Coded Reports by adding logic to:
- Clear/remove row when "x" is clicked
- Automatically update of the final read-only row (>=) to display the highest value

bug fixes


1. Fixed the search functionality on the Sales Commission table to support records with a Unique ID that contains a special character, rather than reporting an AJAX error.

2. Fixed the Target Component to display the correct Entity Column on the Plan.

3. Fixed the advanced Batch page to display the Step Type and Name for Script Transform Data step referenced, rather an empty row.

4 Fixed the error management function to avoid an infinite loop in the logs and consequently an out of disk error.

5. AWS provided a fix, subsequently allowing the use of AWS SFTP to import files without any performance issues.

6. Fixed the Restrict IP Address feature to correctly detect the IP address and only allow users to access PC Admin from the defined IP Addresses defined on the "adminRestrictIPAddress" System Property.

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