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Version 6.7.4

What's new in Version 6.7.4

Target Component - Filters on Target Table

SPM administrators will now be able to define filter fields on the Performance to Target Component when defined to retrieve the Target value from the Targets Table.

Refer to Release 6.7.3 for details on the component update to source the Target value from the Targets Table.

COG Menu > Plan Template

Administrators can add up to five Filter columns under the Targets Detail section on the Plan Template for Performance to Target Component.

target component

Refer to the help bubble for further details.

Administration Menu > Calculate > Manage Plans

Once Filter Fields have been defined on the Plan Template, they will appear on the Plan's Component, allowing administrators to input Filter Values for each defined field.

Additionally, they will have the option to input multiple values, comma separated for a given field and the option of defining multiple row value combinations.

target component

Refer to the help bubble for further details.

Participant Inputs - Display Target Value

The Participant's Input page has been enhanced to support the update to the Performance to Target Component in order to retrieve the Target Value from the new standard Targets Table, refer to Release 6.7.3.

Performance to Target Components that are defined to source the Target values from the Target Table will now display the Target value real-time on the Participant Inputs page. The Target Value is retrieved based on the defined Entity and filter fields defined on the related Component.

As per existing behavior, a Performance to Target Component defined to source the Target from Participants Input will maintain the display of an input field, to accept a Target value entry.

In addition:

  • Magnifying glass buttons have been added next to the Plan and Plan Template fields to allow Administrators to open the related objects in another tab within the browser.
  • Component fields have also been reformatted to assist Administrators, by grouping related component fields and simplifying the layout.
participant inputs

Administration Tables - Filter on Multiple Periods

Administrators are now able to filter on records from multiple Periods on the following Administration Tables under the Calculate menu:

  • All Tables
  • Commission Table
  • Commission Override
  • Manage Targets

Any field configured as a Period Foreign Key is now displayed as a multi-selector field in the Table's Search options:

administration tables

By default, when no Period is selected or the search options are cleared, all records will be displayed regardless of the Period.

Upon selecting one to multiple Periods, the table is automatically filtered to display records with the selected Period values.

On selection, the count of selected periods will be displayed as the header of the drop-down list.

administration tables

Enhancements & Bugs


1. Enhanced the Plan page to allow Administrators to launch the related Component on a Plan Template from a Component on a Plan by clicking on a magnifying glass button.

enhanced plan

2. Enhanced the Plan Template page to allow Administrators to launch the related Table referenced on a Template's component by clicking on a magnifying glass button.

enhanced plan

3. Optimised the memory usage on upload of documents in the Calculation API.

4. Enhanced the Period Setup page to display the ‘Start date of 1st Period’ field' according to the displayDateFormat system property.


1. Fixed the Period filter on Custom Table Modules to successfully filter when a single or multiple Periods are selected. Previously it failed to filter the data if the Period field name was not named "Period".

2. Removed the Targets Table from the Tables listed under the COG: Table Setup page. Administrators can assess the Targets Table Setup directly from the COG menu.

3. Updated the Table message to "No data available in table" if no records exist, rather than displaying the message "No matching records found".

manage targets

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