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Version 6.8

What's new in Version 6.8

Custom Table Module Filters - Teams & Sub-Teams | Territories & Sub-Territories


Incentive Compensation Management administrators now have additional Team and Territory filters options on Custom Table Participant Modules.

Options 'Teams and Sub-Teams' and 'Territories and Sub-Territories' allow Administrators to filter records associated with the Participant’s Team and Sub-Teams or Territories and Sub-Territories, rather than only viewing records for their direct Teams or Territories.

custom table module filters

The Request Approval Participant Module filters have also been updated to reflect the above functionality.

custom table module filters

Enable/Disable Manager Switching


A new "Enable Manager Switching" option on the Display Options page is available for Administrators to control Team Manager's user switching eligibility:

  • Enabled (selected) - Managers are eligible to switch to another Manager within their direct team.

NOTE: This option enables the old system behavior. Upon release, this will be the default option selected for existing Customers.

  • Disabled (unselected) - Managers are prevented from switching to another Manager within their direct team. On attempt of switching, the system switches the user back to their own Participant view.

This feature is only eligible for Team Managers with a Job Title that is enabled for user switching.

enable disable manager switching

Table Setup - Order Fields


Administrators now have the ability to change the order of fields on an existing Table Setup by selecting a row and dragging it up or down the fields grid.

table setup

The position of the field on the Table Setup represents the order of the field's column when the Administrator views the related table under the Calculate Menu.

table setup

Enhancements & Bugs


1. Enhanced the system to recognize new, updated or deleted SAML Single Sign-On configuration within 10 minutes of change, without the need to restart the server.

2. Optimized the page load of the Sales Commission Table

3. Updated Custom Table Report filter labels on the Report Builder:

  • Team > Teams
  • Territory > Territories
  • All Territories > *REMOVED*
  • All Territories Recursive > Territories and Sub-Territories

4. Updated Custom Table Module filter labels on the Participant Modules:

  • Team > Teams
  • Territory > Territories
  • All Territories > *REMOVED*Refer to Feature 1 for new Filter Options 'Teams and Sub-Teams' and 'Territories and Sub-Territories'


1. Fixed the Leader Board optimization code (from Release 6.7.3) which caused high CPU usage and prevented calculations from completing.

2. Fixed the API documentation to display the correct section titles for the Calculation Logs and Periods endpoint URLs:

  • "GET /calculation/v1/calculation-jobs/logs/{logId}" rather than "GET /calculation/v1/calculation-jobs/log/{logId}"
  • "GET /calculation/v1/periods" rather than "GET /calculation/v1/period"

3. Fixed the Upload API to handle concurrent file uploads without receiving a 504 Gateway timeout error.

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