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Version 6.9

What's new in Version 6.9

Set Period Transform Data

A new Transform Data in the commission system can translate a Date field to a Period Number. The Transform Data allows the input of the related Table and Date Field to be translated, and subsequently, the Period Field to be used to output the Period Number.

If the selected Date Field is not a 'date' type, then a Date Format can be specified to define the expected format of the date value. Accepted values are:

  • d for Date
  • M for Month
  • y for Year

If a Participant EID exists on the selected table, then upon defining the Participant EID Field on the Transform Data then only those records for the Participant EIDs being calculated are processed.

An Override Data checkbox is available to indicate whether to only process all records (checked) or only those where the Period value is empty (unchecked).

set period transformation


1. Enhanced the Participant search to collapse the hierarchy upon filtering the results that match the input text.

hierarchy search

2. Enhanced the Quick Formula Transform Data to allow the input of values in either Field 1 or Field 2.

quick formula input value

3. Enhanced the Quick Formula Transform Data to allow formula steps to quickly be reordering by drag-and-drop action.

quick formula reorder


1. Fixed the Excel data export on tables to prevent an issue where the disk runs out of space due to an extremely large database table size.

2. Fixed an issue to prevent a page error from occurring when the Custom Table Module's Advance Filter option is set to a Custom Table Reference Filter, and a referenced value contains an apostrophe character.

custom table module filters

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