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Version 6.9.3

What's new in Version 6.9.3

Compare and Migrate Transform Data

Transform Data objects in the commissions system can now be migrated from a source (e.g. Pre-Production) to a destination environment (e.g Production).

For this release, new Sales Crediting Transform Data has been enabled for migration. All other Transform Data types will be enabled in the upcoming releases.

This feature is accessible via a new page made under the Advance > Compare and Migrate menu, available in the destination environment.

Compare and Migrate Transform Data Menu

The page lists all Transform Data objects that exist in both the Source and Destination environments, where the status field is used to indicate the following:

"New": Transform Data exists in the source environment but not in the destination environment. A 'Migrate' button is available for administrators to invoke the migration process, where the Transform Data is replicated in the destination environment.

Transform Data - "New"

Upon migration, if any of the fields being referenced on the Transform Data does not exist in the destination environment, then an error message is returned to notify the Administrator and prevent the object being migrated:

Transform Data - Referencing Fields That Do Not Exist in Destination

"Deleted": Transform Data does not exist in the source environment but exists in the destination environment. The 'Migrate' feature is NOT available for deleted objects - this will be a future enhancement.

Transform Data - "Deleted"

"No Change": Transform Data exists in both the source and destination environment, but they may or may not have different field values. The 'Migrate' feature is NOT available for these objects - this will be a future enhancement.

Transform Data - "No Change"

Note: Please speak to your Customer Success or Experience Manager if you would like to enable the Compare and Migrate feature.


1. Enhanced the Run Calculation page by dividing the Calculation selector into two selectors:

Enhancement - Run Calculation

2. Removed the ability to create the following Components from the Plan Template page:

  • KPI Component
  • Product Component
  • Product Territory

Note: Customers using these Components on existing Plan Templates will continue to function as expected.

3. Update the "Overwrite data" label to "Override data", and subsequently updated the help bubble text to reflect the updated label:

Enhancement - Overwrite Data

4. Removed the ability to associate a Pre-Transform or Post-Transform Utility Script to a Transform Data.

Note: No Customers were using this feature.

5. Updated the application's JQuery, JQueryUI and BootStrap libraries. 


1. Fixed the Participant search on the People page to return correct results upon searching with special characters, rather than encountering an error message.

2. Fixed the Task Manager to enable entry of more than 150 characters for a subtask, rather than automatically cutting of the text entry.

3. Fixed the Delete Data page under the Administration Gather menu to exclude unpublished Batches from the available options.

4. Fixed the Calculation API to run successfully when invoked with a Period Range, rather than encountering an error message.

5. Fixed the Approval process on Custom Table Modules to display the message "No Changes Detected. Cannot initiate approval request" when the update button is clicked without making any changes do the data.

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