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Version 6.9.1

What's new in Version 6.9.1

Transform Data - Related Objects

Commission System administrators can now view all Batches that reference a given Transform Data. On each Transform Data page, a new 'Related Objects' tab has been introduced display a list of Batches that references the given Transform Data as a step within the Batch.

transform data related objects

The related Batch objects are listed according to the Name of the Batch, and a magnifying glass icon is available for Administrators to open the related Batch in another tab within the browser. In addition, if the Batch is not yet published, then a status of "Unpublished" is displayed next to the Batch Name.

transform data related objects


1. Administrators can now define the data export format available to Participants on Custom Table Modules, directly on the Module definition. Previously this was driven by the relate Table Setup's Data Export option selected.

custom table module export

The selected data format option is available to Participants when viewing data on the related Custom Table Module.

custom table module export

NOTE: For existing Custom Table Modules, the data export option have defaulted to the data export option already defined on the Table Setup related to the Module's referenced table.

2. The System Properties page under the Advanced Administration menu has been enhanced to allow an update of a value inline, without the user being navigated to another page.

system properties

3. Security: Enhanced the following browser input and outputs to prevent malicious scripts from running in the user’s browser:

  • AbstractGroup#name
  • JobTitle#name, description
  • Principal#userName, firstName, surname
  • IncentivePlanReferenceData#name
  • Custom Tables
  • Report Builder#name
  • Batch, Transform#name

4. Enhanced the file uploads on the following pages to report an appropriate error message when file upload exceeds the allowable limit, rather than displaying a '502 Bad Gateway':

  • Communicate > Upload Documents: Allowable upload limit of 25MB.
  • Gather > Import Data: Allowable upload limit of 290MB.
upload limit error


1. Fixed the Calculate To Date Transform Data to successfully complete upon every run when a 'Grouping' field has been defined.

2. Fixed the Task Manager to display blank values rather than " " when the task is assigned to a Participant with blank values for First Name and Last Name.

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