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Version 6.12.4

What's new in Version 6.12.4


1. Fixed the Territory Standard Importer to log an error message if a Sales EID has not been defined for a record in the import file. 

v6.12.4 Territory Sales ID 01

2. Fixed the Leader Board Report to successfully display results under the following scenario:

  • The Leader Board calculation and report has been defined to group by Job Title
    v6.12.4 Leaderboard Group By Job Title 01
  • At least one Participant associated to the Report has no effective Job Title for the period in view.
    v6.12.4 Leaderboard Group By Job Title 02

Example: The Leader Board below displays successfully for December, although an associated Participant has no effective Job Title:

v6.12.4 Leaderboard Group By Job Title 03


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