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Version 6.13.1

What's new in Version 6.13.1


1. The length of Result (Pval) drop-down lists throughout the system will be significantly reduced in all new environments. When a Payable or a Commission Per Sale Component is defined on a Plan Template, approximately two-thirds of the defined Result options are now hidden by default in the drop-down lists. This is controlled by the system automatically disabling the 'Visible' Checkbox for the less frequently used Results. The following Results are subsequently the only options left visible by default:

Payable Component Result

v6.13.1 Payable Component Result 01

Target Component Results

v6.13.1 CPS Component Result 01

If an Administrator has a need to reference a hidden Result options within Modules, Reports or Calculations, then the 'Visible' checkbox can be enabled on the COG > Results page for the related Result option. 

2. Both the COG > Period Setup and COG > Batch List pages have been converted to React^.

3. The SQL Script Transform React^ page ( introduced in Version 6.12.6, is enabled by default for new environments.

^React: User Interface framework


1. Fixed the Delete Data Transform to restrict Administrators to Input Values, Period or Participant EID when the ‘IN’ operator has been selected as a Criteria definition.

v6.13.1 Delete Transform IN


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