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Version 6.13.2

What's new in Version 6.13.2

Release Date for Version 6.13.2
  • AU Sep 1, 2020
  • US Sep 7, 2020


1. Made the relationship between Transforms and Batches a little less error prone for Administrators. A Transform must now be removed from a Batch before being deleted—any attempts to delete a Transform used by a Batch will see an error message. Transforms that are used by a Batch are found in Related Objects.

v6.13.2 Delete transform from batch 01

Why did we change this? Previously, you could delete a Transform that a Batch was using. Doing so would produce confusing and unexpected results, particularly on the Batch page.

2. Invested in the future maintainability of our product by migrating a few pages from old UI frameworks to React.


Fixed a bug where the password expiry feature (where passwordExpiryOn: true) was prompting SSO customers to change their passwords. Users who did attempt a password change couldn’t proceed past the change password page and were unable to login.

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