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Version 6.14.3

What’s new in Version 6.14.3? Ongoing technology investment.

Release Date for Version 6.14.3
  • AU Dec 8, 2020
  • US Dec 13, 2020


1. Optimised Apply Commission Rate Transform, resulting in improved performance under specific conditions

2. Relationship between Apply Commission Rate Transform and Plans has been made clearer. A Plan must now be removed from the Apply Commission Rate Transform before being deleted—any attempts to delete a Plan used by the transform will produce an error message. Plans that are used by this Transform can be found in the Related Objects tab.

3. Optimised connection to Salesforce for object importers, reducing the likelihood of a timeout and resulting in faster confirmation of import.

4. Improved browser tab descriptions for table pages. When you hover over the tab of a table page the table name will now be displayed.

5. Improved visibility of when an email is in the process of sending in the Send group email feature. The send button will now display sending when in progress and will no longer allow users to resubmit the sending request.

6. Added help information for the Big Numbers advanced feature, to provide clear guideline on how to use this feature correctly.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the Related Objects error message

  • Performio logo is in the same place on every page

  • Updated dropdown box formatting on the add Big Numbers page to be consistent, with the rest of the page

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