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Version 6.14.4

What’s new in Version 6.14.4? Improved error prevention.

Release Date for Version 6.14.4
  • AU Jan 5, 2021
  • US Jan 11, 2021


1. Made configuring the Update Table Transform easier, by limiting the types of criteria you can select when using a IN operator, reducing the likelihood of creating a calculation error from misconfiguration.

2. Relationship between Custom Table data and Transforms has been made clearer. A column in a custom table must now be removed from the Delete Data, Table to Results and Update Table Transform before being deleted—any attempts to delete a custom table column used by a transform will produce an error message.

3. Zero dates values (00/00/0000) will no longer be accepted in validated Custom Table import data Excel files. Any attempts to import zero value dates, when validation is turned on will produce an error message.


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