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Meet Performio. The Last Incentive Compensation Software You'll Ever Need

Eliminate the inevitable “rat’s nest” of logic that leads to miscalculations and inefficiencies over the long run when choosing an ICM that’s not built for scalability and support

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Drive Performance with Your Incentive Compensation Plans

Results start with transparency. Discover how leaders can turn their comp plans into actionable outcomes with Performio's commission software.

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Import, organize, and validate your data by people, plans, and sales

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Apply plans, commissions, and crediting rules to determine payouts

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Visualize data with automated reporting tools with advanced analytics

Why Performio Exists

We are here to drive performance by empowering leaders to inspire and motivate their people to achieve their highest potential.

At Performio, we live up to our name. Performance is at the heart of everything we do. From our company culture, to our content, to our product itself. Performance is the foundation of it all. So we believe it was fitting to anchor our purpose in the very word our company is named for…Performance.

It's All About Flexible Data With Structured Plans:

ICMs generally fall into two categories, too flexible or too rigid. Performio combines the best of both worlds making data management easy and flexible, but everything is built on a very structured plan, removing the possibility of an ICM “rat’s nest” of formulas and logic, ensuring infinite scalability for the long-run. With Performio, there is no such thing as a comp plan that’s too complex or unique. For over 20-years we’ve been perfecting ICM and regardless of how complicated your ICM challenge is, we can meet that challenge.

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Performio is Built for Complexity

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Whether you have dozens of transactions per period and calculate once a month or millions of records that require daily calculations, Performio is built for complexity and scalability.
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With extensive data transformation capabilities and a complete library of no-code pre-built comp plan components, Performio adapts to your needs, not the other way around.
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Behind our beautiful user interface lies all the power you need. ASC606 reporting, multi-currency, retroactivity, and more. We take the complexity out of complex commission plans.

What can commission software do for you?

Automate your sales commission calculations. Communicate sales comp in an instant. Gain actionable insights from having all your sales compensation data in one place.

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Easily calculate sales commissions

Stop working in spreadsheets. Eliminate the hassles of sales commission calculations. Say goodbye to payment errors and the time, effort, and cost it takes to correct them. Our enterprise-grade features include powerful crediting rules, pre-built plan components, and automated workflows. Automate your calculations so you can focus on more important work.

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